Dolores Umbridge: ESTJ

Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Umbridge ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Dominant Te: Umbridge loves to be in charge and likes to take over and manage pretty much every part of the system. She wants to organise everyone and obsesses over instituting and upholding rules. She feels the need to control so much that she employs spies and punishes anyone for breaking the rules. She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings so much as she does about order and as a result ends up employing some very cruel methods for enforcing law

Umbridge ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Auxiliary Si: Umbridge is obsessive about previously established methods and likes to butt her head in wherever a teacher is employing unconventional or out-of-the-box teaching methods. Any teacher who is different gets fired. Her network of spies act as an information collector for Umbridge and she is an advocate for the idea of “knowledge is power.” Tradition is so important to Umbridge that she tries to implement new ones.

Umbridge ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI
Tertiary Ne: Umbridge is a little too good at coming up with all manner of creative, yet horrid rules and punishments. She can always, always, always think up some new method to hurt her students in order to manipulate them into obeying her. She can’t stand being ignorant or being kept in the dark. She can always tell when people are lying to her and tends to be a bit suspicious of everyone.
Umbridge ESTJ | Harry Potter MBTI
Inferior Fi: Umbridge’s values are black and white, and not very well developed. She has a very strict ethical code, but doesn’t really think much about it. Rather, it comes out directly in her actions (it’s a subconscious moral code, rather than a conscious one). Under stress, her emotions can get the better of her, resulting in wild outbursts of anger and cruelty. She cares more about herself and her status than she does about helping others.


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