Alec Hardy – Broadchurch: INTJ


Alec Hardy Broadchurch INTJ mbti

Dominant Ni: Alec Hardy usually intuitively knows who is innocent and who he ought to suspect without evidence. However, this doesn’t stop him from objectively pursuing evidence, using his intuition to guide him toward the correct sources. He can tell when people are lying to him, and he doesn’t put up with it. He reprimands them harshly and convinces them to cut it out via legal threats (Te). He doesn’t appreciate having to change plans at the last minute and has trouble setting aside any time that is not devoted to his singular goal of solving Danny’s murder case. Although he is open to pretty much anything in terms of possibility, he typically chooses Ockham’s Razor conclusions and pursues them until he can either prove or disprove them. He notices when people are behaving strangely and instead of taking notes during interrogations, he watches them closely. He easily accepts his own faults and sees no one as inherently good or bad, believing anyone capable of anything under the right circumstances. He is quick to catch on to patterns and interpret symbolism. He notices how new clues connect to the mental state of his suspects and intuits the fact that Joe is panicking and will likely show himself in the near future. His intuitions are usually accurate, much to the dismay of most of the people he works with.

Alec Hardy Broadchurch INTJ mbti

Auxiliary Te: Hardy speaks and types in logic and facts. He asks questions in an unbiased albeit blunt and often harsh manner in order to get to the bottom of the crime. He doesn’t want to hear about the emotional reasons for people’s actions –he just wants the facts, and says so on more than one occasion. Deadlines aren’t a problem for him. When told he has to clear his desk and stop working by the end of the day, he is hardly discouraged from continuing the investigation. He is task oriented and doesn’t have time for social venues. He prioritizes, delegates and is a natural leader. People listen to and obey him despite the fact that they dislike him, and rarely question his orders. Hardy is not an impulsive person. He doesn’t over-indulge when it comes to food, partying or anything else for that matter (except work). He doesn’t consult anyone else for his decisions, though he often thinks out loud, confusing Miller with strings of questions. He looks at everyone objectively (including himself), and while he doesn’t have low self-esteem, he views himself as “the worst cop in Britain.” Despite his intuitions, he refuses to accept anything as fact unless it can be proven through evidence, thus his immediate dismissal of the psychic.

Alec Hardy Broadchurch INTJ mbti

Tertiary Fi: Alec Hardy devotes all of his time and energy to his work, not even stopping to take time for himself. While he is extremely logical, he has a desire for his work to be meaningful, to help people in the long run. He wants the case to come out in a morally correct fashion, and works tirelessly to get there. Though he wants to help humanity at large, his loyalties lie with only a few, namely his daughter, wife and some of the people that he works with. He willingly sacrifices his own reputation by taking the blame for his wife’s actions, letting go of all he holds dear in order to save her from suffering. He doesn’t express his feelings to others, and hides the fact that he is suffering both mentally and physically, dismissing personal questions out of hand. Comforting others isn’t his strong suit, and when it comes down to it, all he can really do is talk logic. He internalizes all of his emotions so much that he experiences life-threatening health issues as a result.

Alec Hardy Broadchurch INTJ mbti

Inferior Se: When under extreme stress, Hardy doesn’t consider the long-term consequences of his actions and pursues work without caring deeply about the fact that doing so may eventually kill him. Hardy neglects his physical needs when under stress. He doesn’t sleep, rejects offers of food, and refuses to stop working despite his heart condition. As a result, he nearly works himself to death several times. He pays attention to physical details surrounding people and situations, allowing him to solve crimes by noticing things that not everyone does. Based off of his frequent refusal of social venues, I think it’s safe to assume that too much sensory stimulation overwhelms him.

Not doing Gracepoint. It sucked in comparison to Broadchurch. I don’t much care for the all-American Hollywood thing…

6 thoughts on “Alec Hardy – Broadchurch: INTJ

  1. I just started watching this show. It’s great so far. I got the feeling that the DI had dealt with similar cases in the past and was deeply upset by this one (no spoilers, please!)


  2. I posted a comment here a few days ago and I have no clue where it went; did the mod delete it for some reason? I could’ve sworn I didn’t use any explicit language (cue unintentional INTJ wordplay)


  3. As an INTJ who digests copious amounts of culture, I couldn’t agree more with this typing. I honestly haven’t seen a more accurate INTJ portrayal in a fictional character, mostly thanks to the clear presence of Alec’s Fi. The scene in season one when Hardy breaks down alone in the police station definitely stirred up my Fi. Another brilliant tic that David Tennant incorporated: Hardy’s constant look of what I call “INTJ world-weariness.” It’s always abundantly clear that Alec understands the world to a much higher degree than his cohorts, which acts as both a blessing and a curse. His insight may aid him in his police work, but it also allows him to grasp the workings of human nature quicker than the other residents of Broadchurch. Hopefully Season 3 can continue the magic.

    I also wanted to say kudos on your blog; all of the typings I’ve read have been very insightful and have definitely enhanced my understanding of MBTI. I’m thinking about doing some guest typing in the near future, so I may be around more here more often if my college workload permits me. Here’s hoping MBTI stays relevant in this ever-changing world of ours.


    • The look of “INTJ world-weariness!” I like that.

      Another character who plays that part extremely well is Friedhelm Winter in Generation War. That greater understanding of the world can be a terrible weight sometimes, and nearly impossible to understand for those who do not recognize it to at least a small degree in themselves.



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