Now Open to Typing Real People

Oh, dear, has the content policy changed again?

As many of you will know, my content policy is subject to change over time –mostly to keep me interested because I think we’d all be very sad if I got bored and then stopped posting on this blog.

After a while, I start to get tired of only typing one genre of characters, so I’ve gradually branched out. At first it was just literary characters, then I started doing occasional teen fiction, then some authors, then some movies, then some telly…

Generally, this is how my thought process with regards to the blog policy looks.

So here’s the basic policy change:

I’ve now expanded from doing strictly fictional characters and authors to doing other real people because contrary to what I expected, I actually had loads of fun answering that question about how acting style is influenced by personality. The reason it was so interesting was that it’s a completely different challenge from typing fictional characters.

When it comes to real people, it’s actually more difficult because fictional characters embody the stereotypes more closely. Real people are more three dimensional, so I get a kick out of figuring them out –not that I don’t already do that to my friends…

And for those of you concerned about loosing your literary typings, don’t fret. The literary characters will always be my first love, and there are loads more of them in the que (I’m officially scheduled all the way out to December 1).

Ground rules for requests:

If I don’t know who they are, I probably won’t take your request. I’m notorious for not knowing anything about celebrities, so all the ones that I’ve typed so far actually took quite a bit of time out of my day because I had to research their personalities, watch interviews and look at their behavior.

In general, I’m not going to be doing any singers or pop-stars. Celebrities are limited to film-stars, political and historical figures and the like.

Also, I’m only going to take celebrities that are on my list of interesting people (which, may actually overlap with yours, so don’t fall apart yet). The same goes for historical figures and authors (ergo, no Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling or Dan Brown).

You’re welcome.

Will be starting with Nikola Tesla on Friday.