Danielle de Barbarac: ESFJ

Ever After

Danielle de Barbarac ESFJ | Ever After MBTI

Dominant Fe: Danielle is quick to express her opinions and does so very fervently. Though she often talks in what she believes to be facts, everything she says is somehow connected to her emotions. She immediately punishes Henry for stealing her father’s horse, because the animal holds strong emotional connotations with her past experiences. She usually considers others before herself and is willing to put herself in dangerous illegal situations to free Maurise. She stands up for the people she loves and often gets herself into trouble by doing so. She needs to talk about her feelings, and spends a lot of time ranting about her problems to the other servants –though often through the use of humor.

Danielle de Barbarac ESFJ | Ever After MBTI

Auxiliary Si: Daniele is very connected to her past. She holds onto and re-reads her father’s book for years after his death, and is devastated when Margarite burns it. She talks about her father all the time as though he were still living and loves to consider any topic that has reminds her even vaguely of him. Her first connection to Prince Henry comes when she realizes that he has read Utopia, because this is a connection to her past. Even years after being taught, she still knows how to sword fight and has an excellent long-term memory for just about everything, whether it’s other people’s actions or ideas and facts from books she’s read.

Danielle de Barbarac ESFJ | Ever After MBTI

Tertiary Ne: Daniel loves new ideas, is very well read, and has a fervent opinion on just about everything. She is very passionate and connects everything to her life. Her inspiration comes from books and she is fueled by ideas and concepts so much that Prince Henry wonders outloud at her ability to be so energetic 24/7. Her judgements about other people usually come to her rather quickly, but are not always accurate. Over time, she is able to revise them through observation.

Danielle de Barbarac ESFJ | Ever After MBTI

Inferior Ti: Danielle likes conversation to be straight and to the point. She ignores Prince Henry’s flirtations at first because such is not in her initial mission to the palace. She doesn’t like to think about others as something that need to be fixed, but rather tends to view them as finalized solids that aren’t necessarily changeable. She typically asserts most of her opinions as fact and defends them so fervently that others don’t argue, even if they disagree.


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