Peregrin Took: ESFP

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Pippin Took ESFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Dominant Se: Pippin is forever in this moment, right now, having fun. He wants everything to involve fun, and has a hard time understanding that there’s a time and a place for everything. He loves to prank and get into trouble and rarely considers the consequences of his actions. Because he thinks so little about the future, it takes Pippin a long time to fully recognize the big-picture weight and importance of Frodo’s quest (because it’s a purely future-motivated quest). He also has a bit of a problem letting out information that’s meant to be secret, or volunteering in the moment to do things that get him into trouble. He takes advantage of luxuries while he has them, and views life as a party.

Pippin Took ESFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Auxiliary Fi: Pippin is sensitive and draws inward whenever Gandalf reprimands him. He understands Faramir almost instantly and connects to him on an emotional level. He is unaffected by the emotions of others, but will weep over things that are important to him specifically. He isn’t afraid to disobey Gandalf because his principles are inherent in himself, not his environment.

Pippin Took ESFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Tertiary Te: Pippin doesn’t care about ideas or anything abstract, but prefers to deal with life in terms of action. He comes up with quick, plans and once in his mind, he pursues them above all else. At times, this can be a bad thing (when he situation is serious and he’s bent on having fun), but other times it can be extremely beneficial (leading the Ents to Saruman or searching for Merry etc.).

Pippin Took ESFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Inferior Ni: When Pippin has a goal in mind, it is the only thing on his mind. If the goal is having fun, he will have fun, no doubt about it. If his goal is to help others, he will be successful in doing so. When he finally learns to recognize the importance of Frodo’s quest, he does everything he can to help out.


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