Juliet Capulet: INFP

Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet INFP Shaksepeare MBTI

Dominant Fi: Juliet finds it very important to stay true to herself, and though at times she feels guilty for it, she is not afraid to willingly disobey her parents orders to follow her heart. In fact, she is willing to let them believe that she is dead in order to follow her heart. Juliet makes choices based purely on her feelings –she does what feels authentically right to her, whether or not others believe it is right or not. In a sense, she doesn’t believe that morality has universal laws. Instead she believes it to be individualized and that it should not be enforced by the rules of society or her parents. She loves quickly and deeply and refuses to marry anyone whom she does not love. Though she dislikes her parents strictness, she is kind towards both them and her nurse. Juliet does not need many words to understand a person. She connects often in unspoken ways that run much deeper than any words could.

Romeo and Juliet INFP Shaksepeare MBTI

Auxiliary Ne: When it comes time to make a decision, Juliet’s mind lies in the future. Her mind revolves around the big-picture, rather than dwelling on minute details, and as a result, she fatally neglects certain of these minute details. She refuses to marry a man she doesn’t love because she knows that it will make her unhappy in the long-term future. On the other hand, she makes an immediate connection with Romeo, because he is of a similar mind-set. Neither like the rules that are enforced upon them and both dream of a perfect love life. She is always on the look-out for opportunities to pursue her visions and is able to adopt last-minute plans (albeit fatal ones) to go after them.

Romeo and Juliet INFP Shaksepeare MBTI

Tertiary Si: Though her mind is extremely leaned toward an often too-goood-to-be-true picture of the future, she has a certain amount of realism about her that causes her to pause (momentarily) before acting upon decisions. Even so, her heart usually wins over her mind. She cherishes the pleasant times in her life, and upon discovering that Romeo is dead, is unable to cope with the idea that she has lost a major portion of the good in her life.

Romeo and Juliet INFP Shaksepeare MBTI

Inferior Te: Juliet doesn’t hesitate to go against her parents, but instead, jumps into action almost instantly. She doesn’t plan ahead long-term, but does make short-term plans that always lead her in the direction of her future visions. She understands and recognizes that she needs help, and isn’t too prideful to go to others for help. Her time is important to her, and she carefully makes room to spend some of that time with Romeo. She has a firm desire to be in control of her life, and dislikes the idea of allowing her parents to choose a husband for her.


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