Lucius Malfoy: ISTJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Dominant Introverted Sensing (Si): Lucius regards heritage as being all-important. He thinks of wizards and witches from old magical families as the most valuable people, while disdaining “mudbloods,” or witches and wizards from muggle families. Moreover, he maintains that some wizarding families (like his own) are better than others (like the financially strapped Weasleys). Lucius has nothing but a dismissive contempt toward the lowest of the low in wizarding society, such as house elves, which has cost him dearly on occasion; in particular, his careless attitude toward his own elf, Dobby, has blinded him to his servant’s frequent attempts to aid Harry and to pass forbidden information to his political enemies. However, in contrast to his lackadaisical attitude toward the underlings of his world, Lucius has a keen sense of the rules of the game in any situation, which has allowed him to get away with a great deal, all while becoming well-connected at the Ministry of Magic.

Auxiliary Extroverted Thinking (Te): Among the Death Eaters, Lucius is an effective leader. Voldemort relies on him, not just to execute various tasks, but to run important missions with up to a dozen people under his command. Lucius is direct and businesslike in his interactions with others; he has a to-do list of things he wants to accomplish, he will do whatever it takes to achieve what he wants to, and he bluntly challenges anything and anyone that doesn’t fit in with his worldview. Lucius values schooling as a way of determining and building competency; he expects Draco to get good grades, and finish his Hogwarts education even after getting real-world experience working for Voldemort.

Tertiary Introverted Feeling (Fi): Although Lucius always likes to keep a cool head and make purely logical decisions, his feelings often come out in his actions. Moreover, his personal opinions and beliefs (e.g. the inferiority of muggle-born witches and wizards) are the motivation for much of what he does. Although Lucius supports Voldemort’s cause of creating a world where pure-bloods rule everything, he is not willing to sacrifice his own position in the service of his master. In fact, he covertly turns against Voldemort when the Dark Lord mocks him in front of all the Death Eaters and gives him the highest insult in their wizard-centric culture (“I see no reason for you to have a wand anymore”).

Inferior Extroverted Intuition (Se): Lucius is generally a shortsighted person, and whenever he tries to do something unusual and clever, it comes back to bite him. This is especially evident in how he handles Riddle’s diary; he completely misses its true significance and tries to use it in order to drag Arthur Weasley’s good name through the mud. Instead, he loses his position as a school governor and ends up in deep trouble with Voldemort later. Lucius doesn’t make changes in his life unless he has to, but he can usually adapt when his situation is altered.

Author’s Note: Here, we have yet another villain who is stereotyped as an xNTJ (an ENTJ in this case). What upper Ni-user is so obsessed with lineage, and has such a total lack of both a grand vision and foresight?



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