Aravis: ENTJ

Guest post by E. J., INTJ

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Aravis ENTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ENTJ

Dominant Te: Aravis does not have any sentimental attachment to her place in the Calormene nobility, despite the fact that she was raised to do so. She gladly gives up her social position for the opportunity to make her own decisions about marriage. Competence matters to Aravis: much of her pride in having a noble background results from her assumption that an aristocratic ancestry can make someone stronger and more intelligent. (She does not dislike weak or unintelligent nobles any less because of their nobility, however.) Aravis quickly develops a bond with the war horse Bree, while almost ignoring Hwin the mare (with whom she has a much older relationship) because Aravis considers Bree the only other capable member of their group. Aravis enjoys leadership and frequently bosses her companions around. Although she was raised to be polite, Aravis tends to speak bluntly. Even when she tries to keep her ruder thoughts to herself, her opinions are usually obvious to everyone around her. She is, however, willing to change them if she is provided with enough evidence.

Auxiliary Ni: Aravis focuses on the future more than the present. To her, the goal of avoiding the arranged marriage with Ahoshta Tarkaan is worth any difficulties she might face in the next few months. While Ni is not Aravis’s strongest trait–she attempts suicide before Hwin points out that she could simply leave the country–Aravis is a good strategist. Her escape plan is very comprehensive. Not only does she make a clean getaway, she uses various forms of deception to delay any pursuit for almost a week.

Tertiary Se: Aravis is fairly adaptable, a trait that serves her well during her escape. She does not lose control of herself when Shasta is mistaken for Prince Corrin in Tashbaan, or at the various times when her friend Lasaraleen’s behavior nearly ruins her escape. While Aravis prefers to plan ahead, she can develop new plans on the spot when necessary. Aravis is an accomplished rider, and she loves the outdoors. She hates the stuffy atmosphere of Tashbaan–the overcrowded streets as well as the affectation of court life.

Inferior Fi: As her callous attitude toward the whipping of her slave indicates, Aravis does not naturally empathize with others. To teach her to sympathize with the slave, Aslan has to give her similar injuries. Initially Aravis operates under a moral code that is firm, but not well thought out. Under normal circumstances, she is generally a very honest person and will not break her word, even to someone she dislikes. The way she deceives her father and Ahoshta Tarkaan is unusual behavior for her, brought on by desperation. Aravis despises Ahoshta precisely because duplicity is, for him, a way of life. Authenticity is important to her, and Ahoshta’s sycophantic behavior only excites her contempt.


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  1. Excellent post. I’ve always had a hard time relating to Aravis (because her Te/Fi is so different from my Fe/Ti); but I definitely admire and respect her as a character. Her relationship with Shasta/Cor is one of my favorite throughout the Chronicles.

    Lewis was an INTJ, wasn’t he? He certainly included a fair number of high Te-users in his stories–Peter, Susan, Edmund, Eustace, Diggory, Aravis . . .


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