The INFP Inspirer, Summed Up in Video Form

2 thoughts on “The INFP Inspirer, Summed Up in Video Form

  1. This is perfect. I just finished reading two memoirs by an INFP author, and there are so many common threads, such as the focus on following your passion rather than trying to make money, and the conviction that everything will turn out right if you just let go. I wonder if INFPs in particular find this approach both necessary and challenging because of tension between Fi’s need to be true to self and Si’s tendency to trust tradition and conventional wisdom. Thanks for the dose of inspiration!


  2. Wow, that was fascinating to watch, partly because he’s a really cool person, and partly because he’s just so different from me. It’s actually a bit hard for me to follow what he’s saying because he organizes it so oddly (from my point of view, that is). But I liked the overall message very much.


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