Am I a Feminist?

Sassyfeminist asked: Would you consider yourself a feminist?

Hmmm… Do I believe in equality of the sexes? Now that’s a really tough question. I’ll have to think really hard about it and eventually come to the same opinion I had before I thought about it.

Of course I’m a feminist. Just because I’m biologically male doesn’t mean I can’t support women’s rights.

For my German readers, does anyone find it horrifyingly sad that all three of the lead female characters in Generation War/Unsere Müter, Unsere Väter get raped by the end of the series with no consequences to any of the men who rape them?

One thought on “Am I a Feminist?

  1. No need to twist ourselves into a pretzel trying to prove we’ve bought into the equality dogma. Equality was a sophism. It only works in abstraction. Can only be achieved through social constructs. Much of civilisation outside of the tangible are human social constructs. Equality between the sexes cannot exist. How can it when equality and justice are not synonymous? It is not practical for the reason that it disregards the differences between the sexes; equality does not know how to differentiate where it is appropriate, it refuses to acknowledge differences for what they are and on account of this tends to take on an inappropriate form. As a strategy it has oftentimes proved itself incapable of securing justice – the very thing it sets out to achieve.


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