Natasha Romanov (Black Widow): ISTP

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Natasha Rominov (Black Widow) ISTP | The Avengers #MBTI #ISTP

Ti: Doesn’t have any drive to be in charge or monitor progress unless it directly relates to what she’s doing. She’s perfectly willing to work under someone, such as Fury or Steve Rogers. She doesn’t willingly express her feelings until they’re drawn out of her, as shown in Winter Soldier. She makes decisions based on logic rather than feelings: in Avengers, when Hawkeye was roaming around the helicarrier brainwashed, she agrees to track him down and take him out because she was able to, despite her reluctance to fight her friend and the fact she was visibly shaken from her encounter with the Hulk.

Natasha Rominov (Black Widow) ISTP | The Avengers #MBTI #ISTP

Se: She’s very aware of her surroundings and uses them to her advantage in fights. Also, she has a bit of a daredevil streak. These traits are shown in the Avengers, when she needs a way to the top of Stark Tower she hops onto one of the flying chariots, seizing the opportunity to take out a few bad guys while getting a ride. She enjoys the thrill of the moment, by teasing Steve Rogers about getting a date in between fight sequences and waiting a moment for a bad guy to turn around before attacking to see the look on his face.

Natasha Rominov (Black Widow) ISTP | The Avengers #MBTI #ISTP

Ni: She senses people’s motivations and schemes easily. They send her to interrogate Loki in The Avengers because she can read him. She connects his reference to him not being the monster to the fact that Banner is a ‘monster’ and thus foresees his plan to unleash the Hulk. It appears her main job is to get her enemies talking and then figuring out what lies behind the words, such as in the Loki scene and her opening scene in Avengers when she’s tied to a chair. In Winter Soldier, she discovers that Fury gave the harddrive to Steve while Steve was trying to figure out her role in it all. She doesn’t always see the big picture, though, thus the Ni being tertiary. She never even suspected anything was wrong in Shield before she realized it was Hydra.

Natasha Rominov (Black Widow) ISTP | The Avengers #MBTI #ISTP

Fe: She can usually tell how to rile people up so they become careless with their words, such as when interrogating Loki. She asks Steve, “Who do you want me to be?” as they grow closer. However, this function isn’t very reliable; in Winter Soldier she doesn’t always know how far she can push Steve Rogers: such as sassing him in the Lemurian Star when he was genuinely upset she wasn’t where he’d expected.


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