Dr. Eric Foreman: ISTJ

House MD

House MD Foreman ISTJ MBTI

Si: Foreman is practical and detail oriented. He trusts conventional protocols because they have worked in the past (therefore, we don’t need to find new methods). He has a hard time understanding and dealing with House’s lack of care about conventions and protocols. He’s connected to his past, though he doesn’t much enjoy talking about it with others. He’s quite serious, and doesn’t like House’s sarcasm at all. Foreman jumps to assumptions based on generalizations and social stereotypes.

House MD Foreman ISTJ MBTI

Te: He likes to be in charge, and ends up trying to compete with House as a result. He has a really difficult time buying into House’s Ni predictions because they’re not directly supported with empirical evidence until after House has tested them. He’s honest and direct in his expressions. He’s one of the first in House’s team to start confronting him about different issues. House trusts’s his logical reasoning and diagnosis suggestions before the others because they both share Aux Te.

House MD Foreman ISTJ MBTI

Fi: Foreman relates best to people who are very similar to him. He focuses most directly on his own feelings rather than on others, and when he gives House his drugs (when he’s going through withdrawals), it’s to cover his own butt, not House’s. Foreman’s emotions dwell beneath the surface, and he hates the similarities that he can see between himself and House.

House MD Foreman ISTJ MBTI

Ne: Foreman isn’t great at coming up with multiple ways of doing things. However, once he gets some practice from House’s brainstorming sessions, he gets better at it. In his better moments, he catches on to subtle motives in House that other people miss.


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