Ebenezer Scrooge: ISTJ

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

Ebenezer Scrooge ISTJ | A Christmas Carol #MBTI #ISTJ

Si: Scrooge is stubborn as an ox (possibly several oxen). Everyone’s redemption comes differently, and Scrooge must be convinced by first being shown different parts of his past, and then his potential future. As an Si dom, his sentimental side awakens as he witnesses scenes from his childhood and is angered as he sees mistakes that he’s made. Likewise, he must be shown a future that he had no means of visualizing in order to understand that he must change. Up to this point however, Scrooge’s memories of his past are largely repressed because they are painful for him to recall. As a result, he becomes embittered and rejects anything that reminds him of his past (Christmas is humbug because his parents ditched him on Christmas).

Ebenezer Scrooge ISTJ | A Christmas Carol #MBTI #ISTJ

Te: Scrooge’s primary concern when it comes to employees and work is what their use to him. In this way, Scrooge represent’s Dicken’s classic Captain of Industry type character. Scrooge is frequently blunt to the point of rudeness. He has low tolerance for inefficiency or people who are not workaholics like himself. Scrooge needs to see proof of outcomes before he will willingly change his behavior or adopt new methods of doing things.

Ebenezer Scrooge ISTJ | A Christmas Carol #MBTI #ISTJ

Fi: Scrooge views himself as separate from society, and prefers to “edge his way along” it, not part of it, but benefiting from it all the same. He doesn’t process his emotions very well and tends to repress them as he does his past (he’s in a TeNe loop). As a result, he comes across as cold and demeaning.

Ebenezer Scrooge ISTJ | A Christmas Carol #MBTI #ISTJ

Ne: Scrooge prefers to stick to established methods rather than coming up with new and better ways to do things. He has a hard time understanding things from other people’s points of view because he doesn’t try. However, once shown proof that he needs to change, Scrooge has no problem finding creative ways to serve other people.

Scrooge is widely mistyped as an INTJ by people who have only seen film adaptions of his character. However, as an English Major, I think it’s safe to say I’ve read A Christmas Carol enough times to know he’s not an Ni dom.

He is however, stuck in a TeNe loop.


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