Stephen Hawking: INTJ

Theory of Everything

PRINCETON, NJ - OCTOBER 10:  Cosmologist Stephen Hawking on October 10, 1979 in Princeton, New Jersey. (Photo by Santi Visalli/Getty Images)

Ni: Stephen Hawking is a problem solver who’s goal is “complete understanding of the universe.” He also likes to describe himself as “master of the universe.” Many of his arguments contain intuitive leaps that are only followable because he provides the Te evidence necessary to prove them (I say prove…nothing can really be proved. All you can do is disprove). Hawking is good at visualizing the universe –it’s been said his brain is like a giant virtual map. Hawking is known for zoning out of the physical world while he problem solved. He always theorizes and fully works through his ideas before voicing them.

Stephen Hawking INTJ | Theory of Everything #MBTI #INTJ

Te: Hawking is a logical reasoner, who bases his arguments off of empirical evidence. He has coped with his ALS by cultivating his mind constantly. As a college student, Hawking got lazy when his mind wasn’t stimulated enough. He didn’t study much in school, but got straight As. He was known for being the kid who sat at the back of the lecture hall and asked uncomfortable questions. He didn’t always pay close enough attention to people’s feelings, which ended up in a peaceful divorce with his first wife (they’re still good friends, but they both agreed his first love was science).

Stephen Hawking INTJ | Theory of Everything #MBTI #INTJ

Fi: Stephen’s parents were oxford scholars who wanted Stephen to become a doctor, but Stephen had his own plan (go to Cambridge and become a cosmologist). He wanted to discover something authentically original. Hawking has contemplated religion throughout his life, changing his mind over time as to whether he believes or doubts God. It took him a while to learn to accept other people’s help for his ALS.

Stephen Hawking INTJ | Theory of Everything #MBTI #INTJ

Se: While at Cambridge, Stephen loved to dance and was part of the rowing team. On the rowing team, Stephen was known for taking risks that ended up ruining boats.

I watched soooo many documentaries to type Stephen, in addition to reading some of his excellent books, of course. Some people type him as an INTP, but they do it because he didn’t hole up and hide in a cave while he was in college.

Some geniuses even type him as an ESFP based on the fact that he liked to dance. Fun fact…I’m an INTJ. I like to dance. I spend every weekend at swing dance parties.

What we have to remember is that interests do not determine type. Neither do stereotypes.


3 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking: INTJ

  1. It is interesting of see Stephen Hawking being typed INTJ, personally, I had envisioned him as an INTP. But the INTJ typing actually suits him better, it makes more sense.


    • To be perfectly honest, I would have gone with ISFP before INTP, but only because he was such a partier before he lost his ability to walk. I was actually more keen on ISFP for a time than INTJ, but after reading his books and looking at how his thought process worked, I went with INTJ.



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