Robert Angier: ISFJ

The Prestige

Robert Angier ISFJ | The Prestige #MBTI #ISFJ

Si: Though theatrical, Angier is practical at heart. He tends to flow with accepted methods before trying to come up with his own, and initially rejects Bordon’s attempts to create new things (until he sees for himself that they work). Though he claims that his rivalry with Bordon stops being about his wife, it is clear from his actions that this is not true. He selects an old fashioned name for his act out of sentimentalism for his deceased wife and refuses to change it just because he makes a mistake on stage. For a while, he’s reluctant to “get his hands dirty,” that is until he’s trained into it by Cutter and his own vengeance.

The Prestige MBTI

Fe: Angier has no trouble putting on an act, pretending to be an American in order to protect his family’s reputation. He drowns himself over and over, forcing himself to go through exactly the same thing that his wife did when she died). Though depressed and angry (which makes him look to most people like a T type),  Angier is far more charming and good at presentation than Bordon (at the start, that is).

Robert Angier ISFJ | The Prestige #MBTI #ISFJ

Ti: Angier obsesses over trying to figure out how things work, and often expends so much energy analyzing that he forgets to live a little. He doesn’t go for Ockham’s Razor at all when it comes to logical reasoning, but instead, assumes that everything must be complicated and fitting with his own internal sense of logic.

Robert Angier ISFJ | The Prestige #MBTI #ISFJ

Ne: Angier has a hard time being original and creative, but rather, tends to rely on other people to give him ideas and help him devise methods. He likes symbolism, though only subconsciously. When something bad happens in his life, he jumps immediately to an outside source to blame, failing to see a range of possibilities. He can’t decipher Borden’s diary on his own, so he uses force to get the cipher from him.