Alfred Pennyworth: ESFJ

Batman Trilogy

Alfred Pennyworth ESFJ | The Dark Knight MBTI

Fe: Alfred is the one person who never ever ever gives up on Bruce. He’s aware of other people’s feelings, but not always able to express his own. He’s able to motivate Bruce when he’s at his lowest points, but also has the tendency to give advice where it isn’t needed or wanted. He would rather hide an unpleasant truth (such as an I-found-someone-else letter) from Bruce than hurt him by revealing it in full honesty. He is hurt when he feels that he is no longer needed.

Alfred Pennyworth ESFJ | The Dark Knight MBTI

Si: He often offers pragmatic solutions to various problems, which helps to balance out Bruce’s visionary approach. He cares about image and often tries to instil traditional values in Bruce (such as unfolding the house, making sure that he lives up to the Wayne family name etc.). He likes to understand the details before trying to problem solve and tends to relate to the past when doing so.

Alfred Pennyworth ESFJ | The Dark Knight MBTI

Ne: He’s witty at times, and often comes up with creative, out-of-the-box suggestions for Bruce. Where Bruce is concerned with a specific end goal, Alfred thinks out all the potential consequences of Bruce’s exploits and does what he can to cover their tracks (like buying materials in bulk to avoid suspicion).

Alfred Pennyworth ESFJ | The Dark Knight MBTI

Ti: Alfred may be gentle, but he’s also quite logical. He doesn’t often share his thoughts until he’s absolutely certain about the message he wants to convey.

Basically, Alfred is to Bruce Wayne as Menenius Agrippa is to Coriolanus (ESFJ mentor to INTJ anti-hero).


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