Jack Dawson: ESFP


Jack Dawson ESFP | Titanic MBTI

Se: Jack is spontaneous, living in the present and observant of his surroundings. He pays attention to little things in his environment and can use them to his advantage at the spur of the moment. He says he wants to make each day count, not the future, not the past –each day. He jumps into action quickly, acting to save Rose’s life and slipping into first class dining halls last minute. He’s a visual person, an artist in fact (but sadly doesn’t actually know anything about Monet…I will rant some other time). He’s able to figure out quick, obvious solutions to problems that are often overlooked by others, such as getting to the back of the boat rather than running random directions and screaming (SeTe).

Jack Dawson ESFP | Titanic MBTI

Fi: Jack defies limitations and demands freedom. He doesn’t care about social restrictions so much as getting what he wants (a girl). He connects almost instantly to Rose’s pain and is able to understand her in ways that other people have refused to do (the benefits of a Dom Fi/ Aux Fi relationship). He reacts emotionally to most situations –especially those involving morals and injustice (such as him being falsely accused of stealing jewels) but doesn’t necessarily feel bad for stealing in the first place. He lives according to his own, rather simple moral code and doesn’t appreciate it when other people try to interfere in his ethics. He can change his behaviour to make other people more comfortable and does so quite visibly.

Jack Dawson ESFP | Titanic MBTI

Te: Though Jack is highly emotional, he can be quite logical when he really has to. He’s able to get out of scrapes quickly and has a ready hand at cards. However, Jack doesn’t just think about solutions, he puts them into action as soon as a chance presents itself. And yet…he can be quite the idiot at times…particularly in…well…hmm…how can I put this –not getting on that piece of wood with Rose?

Jack Dawson ESFP | Titanic MBTI

Ni: Jack usually has a pretty good guess as to how things will pan out in the future. He can predict not only that Rose will be unhappy marrying Cal, but that Titanic will go down a certain way (unfortunately for Cameron, I’m going to have to say a poor bum like Jack wouldn’t really have been able to know all the technical details of this, but oh well, makes for a nice movie). He can tell when people are lying to him and can easily determine who a person is underneath.

Apparently no one likes Rose? Or are all my followers fangirls? Never matter, I’m not judging.

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