Éowyn: ISFP

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Eowyn ISFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Dominant Fi: Éowyn hates being told what to do and does not want to be held down by other people’s desires. She doesn’t want to be like other women, but wants to be independent and different. She doesn’t care what other people think of her, but goes after her dreams regardless. At the same time, she takes a while to mull over and consider her decisions before carrying through with them. Éowyn focuses heavily on the things that are important to her and doesn’t always consider other people’s feelings as much as she does her own.

Eowyn ISFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Éowyn dreams of action and wants to be one of the men out on the battlefield. Her fighting skills are pretty much up to par with any man, and she loves new experiences. She often doesn’t have patience for long-term planning or waiting, but prefers to improvise in the moment. Current situations often cause her deep distress as she tends to wallow in them, and she readily takes advantage of opportunities to get away from it.

Eowyn ISFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Éowyn knows what she wants and gets extremely frustrated when she can’t have what she wants. She’s a bit of a romantic and is surprised when things don’t live up to her imagination of them. She can typically intuit when people are lying, but at the same time, does’t always recognise what other people feel.

Eowyn ISFP | Lord of the Rings MBTI

Inferior Te: Éowyn takes action to get what she wants. She want Aragorn, and doesn’t hesitate to pursue him –even after he makes it clear he loves someone else. She wants to go to war, so she does. She doesn’t like fitting into other people’s boring systems, but prefers to be in the thick of the action.

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