Rev. Paul Coates – Broadchurch: ISFP


Broadchurch ISFP MBTI

Dominant Fi: Coates has a strict moral code, pays close attention to other people’s needs and never violates his principles. He doesn’t care that everyone else has a different view of morality than himself, but continues to live by his principles despite. Doesn’t like to discuss personal issues and deflects such questions where possible. However, he is willing to sacrifice personal information if he sees that it will truly benefit others.

Broadchurch ISFP MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Coates has insomnia, but spends the night walking outside in nature rather than lying inside where nothing is happening. He lives in the moment and pays attention to physical details in the world around him. He’s able to see immediate needs in his environment and find ways to fulfil them on the spot.

Broadchurch ISFP MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Coates spends a lot of time by himself, and likes to find meaning in everything. He knows when something is wrong, and when to report information to Hardy (Tom’s computer). He knows what he wants out of life, and is doing everything that he can to live that kind of lifestyle.

Broadchurch ISFP MBTI

Inferior Te: Coates is quiet, but is willing to get up in front of people and state harsh truths. He likes to feel in control of his situation and doesn’t like his information to be compromised. He’s ashamed of being “out-of-control” in the past (drinking etc.).


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