Finnick Odair: ESFP

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Other factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Finnick Odair ESFP | The Hunger Games MBTI

Dominant Se: Finnick Odair usually dwells in the here and now. He’s more than aware that he could die at any time and thrives off of getting reactions out of people. He’s in his comfort zone in all the places where Katniss is uncomfortable. He’s outwardly flirtations and bears a great deal of charisma. He plays off of his attractive appearance using these skills to draw people to him. Finick doesn’t need to plan out his actions before he jumps into them, but prefers to improvise where he can. While others are still thinking about possibilities, Finnick takes action.

Finnick Odair ESFP | The Hunger Games MBTI

Auxiliary Fi: Finnick believes it’s important to be true to himself. He knows what he wants in life, and deals with a lot of hidden emotional turmoil because he can’t have what he wants. He can tell when people are pretending –he knows about Peeta and Katniss’s pretense about the pregnancy right off the bat and doesn’t even have to ask. Finnick expresses love through actions rather than words. He’s extremely loyal to those he loves and though devastated by Annie’s fate, he never lets go of her. Finnick conceals his suffering so well that Katniss thinks of him as a shallow individual for years before she discovers his deeper nature.

Finnick Odair ESFP | The Hunger Games MBTI

Tertiary Te: Finnick is good at networking between people and knows how to organize them to action. Though he isn’t an extensive planner, Finnick does strategize during the games. When Peeta nearly dies in the games, Finnick knows what to do to save him, and does so swiftly. To help him cope with PTSD, Finnick ties and unties extremely complicated knots because this occupies his brain. Some of Finnick’s strategies don’t work as well as he’d like (trying to unnerve Katniss for example), but he’s aware of this, and tries to improvise less as time goes on.


Inferior Ni: Finnick cares most what’s happening in the present, but he still has strong desires of what he wants for the future. As such, he’s perfectly capable of putting aside whims of the present when he can see a long-term prize at hand. Though he deals with intense suffering, Finnick takes an optimistic view of the future, even when it is at it’s bleakest.

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  1. I think he’s ESTP or ENFJ (they share the same functions). A lot of the examples you gave for Fi were really vague and could apply to other types or they’re examples of Fe.


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