Arthur Dent: ISFJ

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Arthur Dent ISFJ | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MBTI

Dominant Si: Arthur Dent is a pretty down to Earth fellow. He likes to stay home with his tea and doesn’t really like life to be very eventful. He doesn’t adjust too well to abrupt change, and hates it when his routine is interrupted or the comforts of home are unavailable to him. The tea from the infinite probability drive just doesn’t quite cut it for him because it’s slightly different than the tea that’s familiar to him. He’s happiest when he feels secure about his situation and when he isn’t expecting any huge events or surprises. Arthur is always considering past experience when decision making and everything reminds him of something from his past. When he runs into Trillian, he instantly recalls all the awkward feelings and experiences that he associates with her and basically relives the night he met her in his head.

Arthur Dent ISFJ | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Arthur isn’t overly considerate of other people’s needs and feelings, but he does understand them much better than he understands his own feelings. In fact, while he spends a great deal of time thinking about all the things he wants, he doesn’t really think about how he feels. He always wants to come up with compromises that keep everyone (not just himself) happy. He’s happier when he’s able to talk about his feelings to other people because it feels good to get them off his chest. Other people’s emotions tend to trickle over into his, influencing them without his notice –which isn’t necessarily a good thing when he gets stuck alone with Martin the maniacally depressed robot.

Arthur Dent ISFJ | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Arthur isn’t much concerned with getting things done, so much as understanding all the details. He asks lots of questions about all the strange new technology he encounters (as well as pretty much everything else). Despite the fact that all these experiences are quite new to him, he’s good at putting a name to what’s happening –even if involves having his brains squashed and returned to their normal state to teleport.

Arthur Dent ISFJ | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MBTI

Inferior Ne: Arthur can usually see connections between seemingly unconnected things, but isn’t always able to establish where the connection lies or why it’s important. He likes to keep to one topic at a time when talking, and usually asks questions to bring the topic back when it gets lost.


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