Nikola Tesla: INTJ

Nikola Tesla INTJ

Dominant Ni: Nikola Tesla wasn’t one to consider the idea of failure, but rather, was constantly focused on the visions he had for the long-term future. He visualized all his goals clearly and then pursued them with vigor, often neglecting everything else in the process (because his focus became so narrow). He decided what he wanted to be fairly early on in life, following the death of his older brother, and did not waver from that path for a second. He was fairly unaffected by personal criticism and didn’t even care that a number of his patents were stolen and used in other people’s names. He was good at predicting the future, and was able to change his plans to avoid chaos. People are still arguing whether or not he built that death ray, but for those who believe he did, Tesla immediately destroyed the thing upon realizing the dangerous potential that it had.

Nikola Tesla INTJ

Auxiliary Te: Nikola Tesla was a planner. As soon as he knew what he wanted, there was a plan in place to fulfill that desire. He was always working on a project, and neglected sociability in favour of these projects. Tesla wasn’t particularly interested in dating or anything even distantly hormonal. He was content never to marry, and preferred to speak and type in logic, rather than feelings. Tesla was consistent in his habits, blunt and honest in his speech, and didn’t get out much.

Nikola Tesla INTJ

Tertiary Fi: Despite the fact that Tesla was extremely logical, he was deeply motivated by his feelings. His inspiration for wanting to improve his mind as a boy came directly out of his love for his older brother who died as a child. Tesla wanted his inventions to be meaningful and helpful to others, thus is desire to provide free energy to the entire world. He had a strong sense of morality and didn’t agree with the corporate world’s greed. He placed high value on his time and worked toward bettering the world, without wanting to expose himself or his personal life in the process.

Nikola Tesla INTJ

Inferior Se: Tesla was a very visual person when it came to learning and remembering. He never drew or wrote down any of the plans for his inventions because he could simply visualize them in his mind and create them from scratch. Tesla often found himself overstimulated by too much sensory input and preferred to keep to himself.

It’s relevant to note that Nikola Tesla had OCD and supposed delusions as a result of mental illness later in life.

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  1. I recently learned about him on my own when I was supposed to type up something for my Computers class about an inventor and I randomly chose to write about him. I had seen a model of the Tesla coil at a museum and was like, “Why not?”
    Tesla amazes me and he was just ahead of his time. I find it sad that many people do not know who he is because his concepts are part of our everyday lives.


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