What Content We’re Aiming For

The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI | #MTBIIf it’s something you’d be interested in reading on The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI, submit it, even if you’re not quite sure it meets the focus. Chances are, this INTJ will be interested.

If you’re still not sure what to write, here are some ideas.


The character typing queue always has a very long wait-list, so I’m open to anyone who wants to claim a character on the list. Please format them to match the layout and structure of the other character typings on The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI.

Characters marked with an asterisk (*) are claimed, either by me or another guest poster and are not open for typing. Any character not marked with an asterisk (*) in the Character Directory is free game.

I would especially encourage contributors to take on the characters marked with this symbol (^).

For guest posters interested in a cheat sheet, I’ve provided one here.


(at least 200 words, preferably more)

I am forever looking for new opinions and perspectives on various aspects of the MBTI theory. I’m interested in everyone’s perspective of the theory, so you’ll be asked to share your MBTI type in your submission form.

For idiots: Just to clarify, this isn’t the place to tell me I’m not running this blog properly. It also isn’t a place to merely summarise an idea you’ve had. I want you to write at least 200 words of an original and unique idea or perspective on an MBTI concept (AGAIN, this is not a place to write a paragraph about how I can improve my blog – it’s a place for you to write posts for my blog).


(at least 200 words, preferably more)

Want to share your experience living life as an INFP? Want to complain about ENTP problems (within reason)? Great! This is the place to do it!


The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI will provide regular topic prompts to any writers looking to contribute. Occasionally, a contest may be run, the rules of which will be specified at the time of said contests.

See Prompts and Contests for more info.

Submission Checklist

Make sure your post meets all these guidelines and you should have no problem getting your writing to appear on The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI!

  1. Proofread your article for grammatical errors (if you hate proofreading, check out ProWritingAid. It will cut your editing time in half).
  2. Don’t include pictures in your submission (the submission form doesn’t accept them).
  3. Please don’t plagiarise any material from another source.
  4. Try to be as accurate as possible (but again, don’t stress. Accuracy is what I’m here to help you with).
  5. If your submission isn’t a character typing, please write at least 200 words (don’t just submit one sentence or one paragraph).
  6. Please don’t include profane language or explicit content.
  7. Please make sure that your contribution is a blog post, not an opinion on how I’m running this site.