Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ

House MD

Dr. Allison Cameron: ESFJ | House MD MBTI

Fe: Early on, Cameron is easily compromised by her emotions. She attaches herself emotionally to people, and this often ends up interfering with her work. When she’s mad at someone (or she loves someone), her objectivity us compromised. Cameron has a hard time understanding why other people’s (Fi people’s) sense of morality is different than hers. She expects that there is a universal standard of morality that applies these same Continue reading

Primrose Everdeen: ESFJ

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Prim ESFJ | THe Hunger Games MBTI

Dominant Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Prim loves to help others even as a little girl. She acts as a nurse and rescues animals. She adjusts her behaviour to make other people comfortable has a strong influence over other people’s feelings. She has a natural understanding of social graces and often has prime advice Continue reading

Alfred Pennyworth: ESFJ

Batman Trilogy

Alfred Pennyworth ESFJ | The Dark Knight MBTI

Fe: Alfred is the one person who never ever ever gives up on Bruce. He’s aware of other people’s feelings, but not always able to express his own. He’s able to motivate Bruce when he’s at his lowest points, but also has the tendency to give advice where it isn’t needed or wanted. He would rather hide an unpleasant truth (such as an I-found- Continue reading

Menenius Agrippa – Coriolanus: ESFJ

Coriolanus, William Shakespeare

Menenius Agrippa ESFJ | Coriolanus Shakespeare MBTI

Fe: Menenius acts as a father figure to Cauis Marcius, trying despite the seeming impossibility of the task, to help Coriolanus learn the social skills that he lacks. Menenius devotes himself entirely to the things that are important to him –volunteering, maintaining the peace and helping his friends. Though his good intentions are broad, his loyalties are few. Continue reading

Danielle de Barbarac: ESFJ

Ever After

Danielle de Barbarac ESFJ | Ever After MBTI

Dominant Fe: Danielle is quick to express her opinions and does so very fervently. Though she often talks in what she believes to be facts, everything she says is somehow connected to her emotions. She immediately punishes Henry for stealing her father’s horse, because the animal holds strong emotional connotations with her past experiences. She usually considers others before herself and is willing to put herself in dangerous illegal Continue reading

Bilbo Baggins: ESFJ

The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien


Dominant Fe: Bilbo, despite the fact that he doesn’t want the dwarves in his house, is reluctant to send them away. Notwithstanding his dislike for the idea of adventuring, he still decides to help the dwarves out with their quest. He carefully thinks before speaking because he doesn’t want to offend others and finds it easy to adapt his behavior to suit the needs of people/creatures very different from himself. This comes in very handy when Continue reading