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I don’t write book reviews or promote other people’s books. While I place a heavy emphasis on literature in my typings, this site is primarily devoted to MBTI analysis of said literature, not a critical review of the literature.

17 thoughts on “Request Policy

  1. I would like to see an article of the type of personality of Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) – Gattaca, One of my favorites movies.
    Regards from Argentina


  2. Is it possible to type DC Characters from the comics before New 52 started ? I’m thinking mostly about the main characters from the Young Justice comics : Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Superboy, Secret (Greta Hayes), Empress (Anita Fine), Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones), Lobo/Li’l Lobo mostly
    if anyone feels like doing complementary reading for characters Reading suggestions are
    Robin : “A Lonely place of dying” arc from Batman, The 3 Robin miniseries (about 4 issues each) and the beginning of the Robin run by Chuck Dixon (Lewis’ run afterward is nice too but not very good and afterwards the characterization can get fairly random), Some classic arcs like Knightfall (+Knightquest and Knightend but they’re usually included in knightfall), No Man’s Land (read Contagion, Legacy and Cataclysm before though but as for knightfall they’re usually included in hardcovers…or illegal download), War Games I guess, but it’s one of the worse written part of the Robin series :/, Identity Crisis and Red Robin.
    Superboy : Superman Adventures #500, Superboy and the Ravers, Superboy v3 (and v4 around the time of the Red Robin Run)
    Impulse/Bart Allen : Flash n°92-101, Impulse v1
    And for all three of them + Cassie Teen Titans v3 after the end of Young Justice. (I just find YJ give them an overall consistent personality and growth which is why I ask for this one. The others I recommend mostly to see where they came from and how they evolve after YJ because I know it can help typing).
    I hc TIm as INTP and Superboy as ISFP but I’m not really good at typing.
    I hesitate for Tim in N52 and Rebirth to be either ENTP or INTJ, I’m not sure. He seems like a Tony Stark Junior in there


    • I have to say I’m a big old school Young Justice fan <3

      I've been trying to type Superboy too, I initially typed him as ESFP but I actually think ISFP fits him a lot more! In a way I looked at his ego from his punk days and interpreted that as an extrovert element but that's not necessarily true at all! Introverts can still be begging for attention too. He is a little more closed off and personal.

      I'm not even going to debate with you on Tim, that's accurate, he's basically the stereotype of INTP! I find Tim New 52 a little harder to pin down. I'm not sure if his personality is consistent enough across the comics to get an accurate typing on him. I would say he's still IxTx no matter what.

      Bart I'm kind of leaning towards ENFP. ENFPs have that energetic curiosity to them and a kind heart with a passion to help people but then Bart does have a more surprising analytical side to him. He will do his research and he will assess a situation logically if he needs to but he's not a thinker, his reactions are mostly feeling based I would say… he's called Impulse for a reason.

      Not sure about the girls. I would hazard Secret could be an INFJ. Maaaaybe Cassie being ESFJ. I haven't given these two much thought.

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      • (I’m Célia, I just finally created my own account XD) I’ve been looking around in MBTI and…

        I also kind of hesitated with ESFP for Kon but when you remember he’s pretty much a baby (emotionally speaking) it becomes obvious that he’s pure Fi at the beginning (and then you see the other functions start to develop, honestly reading Impulse and Superboy are great if only because of this emotional development).

        Yeah N52!Tim is a Tony Stark wannabe whose behavior changes depending on the arc and what the author needs to ‘resolve’ the plot (he’s basically a walking deus ex-machina), though Tynion seems to write Tim as an ENTJ (he tried to give some of Preboot Tim’s characteristics to him but only those that he earned after 5 years of traumas…). I sometimes hesitate because Tim has a high Te too. But sometimes his Ne seems almost inexistent which makes me hesitate a lot (at the same time the way he compartementalizes the different parts of his life and how he plans things feel very Ne because it’s not so much that he has plans for everything so much as has a general line of idea which he then adds/removes or changes places with various ideas along the line). The problem with Tim is that his mental illness kinda doesn’t help when it comes to typing him :/

        Bart always seemed kind of Ne dom with how he flies through everything. As with Superboy you can see him develop his various functions throughout his apparitions; And the first function we see along with his Ne is his Ti (the thought bubbles are so Ne-Ti it hurts) so I’d go with ENTP for him.

        Honestly I think Secret, Cissie and Cassie have Fi,
        Cassie’s a complete Fi dom (and not especially in a healthy way, I call it the Spoiled Brat syndrom which comes from unhealthy Fi especially dom and fourth) most probably an INFP (tertiary Se) .
        Cissie has tertiary Fi so she’s an IxTJ but she seems Ni dom rather than Si dom so I’d say INTJ (she has a pretty developed Si though).
        I honestly am not sure about Secret but I’d say ENFP . She seems to have a High Ne and Aux Fi.
        Anita seems ESTP : Dom Se (her Se/Ni is pretty obvious in how she started to be a hero) she also has tertitary Fe. As for her Aux. Ti it’s obvious in how she never tried to do anything with what she learned from her grandmère.


  3. Could you type the characters from the show Classic Doctor Who and the musical Into the Woods?

    I’ve never seen typings for Classic Who, and I’ve always had a burning curiosity to find out. I’m currently on the Vicki-Barbara-Ian arc. I’d like to know the typings for Susan, David Campbell, Vicki, Ian, and Barbara, and of course the others I haven’t gotten up to yet.

    I would like to see basically all of the main characters in Into the Woods personalities. Jack, Jack’s Mother, the Baker and his Wife, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Princes, the Witch. I’ve only seen the movie, though, not the musical.

    I love your writing, it’s extremely organized and has plenty of reasoning, you don’t find that in the forums. Thank you for taking my request!


  4. Could you type Freddie Mercury?
    I think that it can be interesting, because he seems to be so different while perfoming on stage and answering interviews.
    Thank you in advance.


  5. Could analyze the personality of the characters of Hannibal series? There are many debates about the personality type of Will Graham (INFJxINFP) and Hannibal (INTJxINFJ).
    I hope that interest, because I like their analysis. Thank you for attention.


  6. Since you have already started on some of the Avengers (Tony Stark and Loki) can you perhaps include characters from the newer Marvel movies, specifically Aged of Ultron and Ant-Man. Especially Vision and Ultron. I am also curious about Scott Lang and Hank Pym in Ant-Man, specifically because I have seen Hank Pym in the comics typed as INTP. My brother is an INTP and I have found a distinct lack of characters that are either INTP or INFJ ( my sister’s type). There are not many of either.
    Thank you for accepting requests on characters. Your writing is much appreciated and very interesting.


    • The reason for this is probably the fact that INTPs don’t make for a very interesting character. Most INTPs would not be thankful for an adventure and would rather like to be at home all the time. An INTP forced out of his home, however, would make for an interesting plot.


      • I don’t speak for all INTPs here, but there’s nothing (besides just thinking of course) that I love more than an adventure. I hate being trapped in my house; it’s terribly boring and sucks away all my motivation to do anything. I survived my childhood by devouring books, mostly because they transported me to a different world full of adventures and new, fascinating ideas. I left high school for six months to go on an exchange program in a country on the other side of the world when no one else I know has done that.
        Besides being very hard to write correctly, we wouldn’t make for interesting characters because we aren’t easy for most readers to relate to and don’t have typical main character characteristics.


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