Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts:

Last updated May 23, 2015

The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI | #MTBI

How does your MBTI type influence your creative writing style or process? 

Does being an Ne user make you have a hard time finishing any writing projects because you get distracted by a new one? Does being an Si user make you focus too much on backstory and set-up? Does being an Ni user make you want to include a symbolic meaning behind everything you write?

How do you differ from your type’s stereotypes? How do you embody the stereotypes?

Are you an INTP who’s also christian? Are you an ENFP who’s sarcastic and doesn’t have a major distraction problem? Are you an ISTJ who doesn’t like rules or traditions? Tell us about your experience.

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How does your MBTI type influence your learning style?

You’re probably a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or another type of learner. Can you see a correlation between your learning style and your MBTI type? If so, how does it play out?


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  1. …and I just possibly answered my own question by going to the “what content we’re aiming for” tab, where there was a statement which made it sound like contests are their own, separate entity, even if the idea for one might be drawn from a prompt.


    • No, the prompts are suggestions for non-contest post content. All contests are announced as separate posts and then included under the “Contests” section of this page.


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