The INTJ’s Depression Battle Plan

H Janeway asked: “How does an INTJ know what she needs? I am a bit disconnected from my emotions because of depression, depression medication and being an INTJ. How do I know what I need so that I can make a plan/schedule and hopefully get better?”

I hope the best for you in your journey.

I don’t have depression, but as someone with PTSD, I can speak to your experience of struggling to figure out what you need to do to heal.

Before I was fully aware that I had PTSD, I was very confused, and very, very concerned with how I was supposed to figure out this “trap” that had caught me. At the time, many factors combined to make it so that I was not in a position to seek help. As a result, I had to figure things out on my own.

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Why You should Stop Saying you were “Traumatized” by a TV Show

Why you should Stop Saying you were Traumatised by a TV show...

Anon asked: “You’re the first MBTI expert I’ve come across who’s typed the characters from Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter, and since you’re an INTJ, I must know. Were you emotionally traumatized the first time you watched it?”

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Louis Zamperini: INFP


Louis Zamperini Unbroken ENFP

Fi: As a teenager, Zamperini isolated himself from his classmates and put up a tough front to hide the misery he felt inside. Running gave him a way to deal with his feelings and helped him to develop principles that came to define the rest of his legacy. He was always a bit rebellious and liked to define his own morality, rather than relying on Continue reading

How INTJs cope with Trauma

How INTJs cope with Trauma

There is no defined route traveled by every traumatized individual, and variations range so widely even within the INTJ realm that all we can really observe are the patterns. Continue reading

Dr. Gregory House: INTJ

House MD

Factors to consider: Possible PTSD or some other form of dissociative disorder due to childhood abuse

Gregory House INTJ |House MD #INTJ #MBTI

Ni: House uses primarily intuition to figure out what’s wrong with people. He can pull paradoxical information together to reach out-of-the-box conclusions that surprise other people, but are usually right. House is a believer in universal truths (such as, “everybody lies”) and comes up with systems to discover and apply them to situations (NiTe). Continue reading

Friedhelm Winter: INTJ

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Generation War Friedhelm INTJ MTBI

Dominant Introverted Intuition (Ni): Friedhelm has clever solutions to impossible problems that didn’t occur to anybody else. He looks at the war from an incredibly big-picture view, against it from the start and disillusioned with it by the end. He’s the ultimate idealist-cynic. Friedhelm is future-oriented, and accurately predicts the long-term Continue reading