Twelth Doctor: INTJ

Doctor Who

12th Doctor who MBTI INTJ

Dominant Ni: The Doctor often comes to conclusions intuitively before he can back them up with Te logic. At times he comes to incorrect conclusions (monsters under the bed, robin hood is fake) and then aims to prove his theories unsuccessfully. He’s able to detect when people are lying without visible evidence and tends to understand people even though he can’t empathize with them. He has a narrow focus that develops around a large vision of how things should be. The Doctor absolutely hates surprises, doesn’t like to improvise and takes far  Continue reading

Eleventh Doctor: ENTP

Doctor Who

11th Doctor ENTP Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Ne: The Eleventh Doctor is all about discovering new things and isn’t concerned to put his life in danger in order to do so. He doesn’t immediately settle down for certain once he’s reached a conclusion because he has a hard time slowing his brain down to stop considering possibilities. He can pull seemingly unrelated strings of information Continue reading

Ninth Doctor: INFP

Doctor Who


Dominant Fi: The Doctor doesn’t believe that morality should be enforced, but always gives his enemies the opportunity to choose, often at great cost to him. He discards personal questions and refuses to spill anything about his inner-self. Nine has more difficulty dealing with interpersonal conflict and moral choice than most of the other regenerations. He doesn’t like anything to get “domestic,” and doesn’t always have an immediate response to emotional jabs. He is quick to deal out punishments when he or people he loves Continue reading

Martha Jones: ISTJ

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Martha Jones ISTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Si: Martha is constantly comparing the present to her past experiences and learning from them. She always asks the Doctor about the minute details of how the Tardis works and how such-and-such will affect history. She has a great memory and can babble details when needed. She has a particular affinity for recalling events in recent history, and always knows the political situation for the last several years Continue reading

Tenth Doctor: ENFP

Doctor Who

10th Doctor ENFP Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Ne: Connections are a must in the Doctor’s world. He enjoys any opportunity to blow people’s socks out of the water by impressing them with an incredibly out-of-the-box solution. The Doctor is energized and excited by new ideas and often jumps into hefty trails of thoughts leading to more thoughts leading to more thoughts etc. He views everything in terms of the big picture, both in terms of time, space and morality. He looks for the meaning behind Continue reading