Rachel Dawes: ISFP

Batman Trilogy

Rachel Dawes ISFP | Batman MBTI

Fi: Rachel has a strong internal moral code, which she lives, and often expects Bruce Wayne to live as well. Her moral counsel has a huge impact on Bruce Wayne’s life. She has a strong desire to help other people and finds her work as a DA personally fulfilling. She has a difficult time dealing with Bruce’s lower Fi need to keep secrets and hide Continue reading

Ra’s Al Ghul: INFJ

Batman Trilogy

Ras Al Guhl INFJ | Batman MBTI

Dominant Ni: Ra’s Al Ghul has a focused vision for Gotham and his role in it. He understands Bruce on a deep level after only knowing him for a short period of time and is able to use that knowledge to both help him work through his problems and to try to turn him into a tool for realizing his vision of Gotham. He has a utopian vision Continue reading

Bruce Wayne: INTJ

Batman Trilogy

Factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Bruce Wayne INTJ or INFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): As a general rule, Bruce is happiest when he is working toward a specific goal, and as such, he has has a very specific vision of who he wants to be. He is constantly striving to improve the flaws that he sees both in himself and in the world as he gradually builds Batman into the symbol that he intends for it to be. Symbolism is important to Bruce, and he intertwines it deeply within his goals (as is evident in his Batman charade). He places higher value on the big picture than on smaller details (he cares more about saving Gotham than about his reputation/health; he would rather place massive/expensive orders Continue reading