walton_phixrArvid Walton (he/they)

Editor, writer, existentialist, philosopher, renegade artist, astrophysics enthusiast and wearer of the perpetual smirk.

I’m a 20-something author studying English and Philosophy at an unspecified location of semantic density (i.e. a library). Under variable pseudonyms, I’ve worked as a freelance writer since I was 15, and my age-old aspiration remains to become a successful writer of novels.

When not writing, my hobbies include thinking, archival research, experimental archaeology, and thinking. I speak English, German and Sign Language (BSL), but my native language is sarcasm. I’ve devoted far too much time to attempting to read the growing pile of books in my bedroom and figuring out the secrets to man’s existence. I’d say I’m about 6% there on both of those.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be standing by this tree, waiting for Godot. Or you can get to know me on this blog and follow me on tumblr @arvidwalton.

The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI

The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI | #MTBI

The Book Addict’s Guide is devoted to providing readers with an unbiased, straightforward read of the Myers-Briggs Theory (MBTI).

Minions, or readers, can find answers to any question on Ask an INTJ Anything, or find out the MBTI type of almost any character by Requesting a Character. In fact, The Book Addict’s Guide to MBTI includes a large library of character typings that are currently not found anywhere else.

For newcomers to MBTI, we have just the thing to help you familiarise yourself with the Myers-Briggs Theory: the Idiot’s Guide to MBTI! And for anyone with a completely misunderstood INTJ friend, we have just the thing for you too, Understanding Your INTJ Friend.

The Book Addict’s Guide is primarily written by Arvid Walton, but also accepts a variety of guest posts.

My Typology Method

Most of the net discussion of the Myers-Briggs Theory occurs on Tumblr and throughout a network of interspersed blogs. As an INTJ, it is in my nature to question most canonical bodies of information, and as such, readers will notice that many of my opinions regarding the Myers-Briggs types of various fictional characters differ from the cannon. My explanation for this is simple.

I strive for accuracy and authenticity in my MBTI typings, and to achieve this, I frequently write in opposition of mass consensus, deriving my information from more credible sources than fan “theories” and shipper rationalization. In my research, I do consult social media and fan opinions, but always as a secondary resource.

When a book character is requested on this site, I read or re-skim the book, consult the leading literary criticism regarding the character and then compare the subsequent analysis to everything I know about MBTI.

If a film/TV character is requested, I watch the movie(s)/episode(s) that the character is part of, conduct an analysis of their behaviours and motivations and line this information up with MBTI. The only current exceptions to this rule (on this site) are the characters from BBC’s Sherlock. If any other exceptions occur, I will make sure to specify.

In the case that a real person is requested, the process becomes more difficult because the types of information available vary quite widely in this realm. Celebrity typings typically require a detailed marathon of interviews and news articles. Historical figures often require me to read biographies or watch documentaries, and the trick here is to find a happy medium in the myriad of different accounts of these people’s lives.

Over time, I may change my analysis of a character as new and better information surfaces.

Feel free to disagree with me or point out potential errors in my theories, but please don’t do so in ignorance. Know what you’re talking about if you’re going to argue with me.

53 thoughts on “About

  1. “Hello Mr. INTJ.”
    I just want to say that I am praying for your continual health journey and general sanity, regardless of your view of God or religion. In other words, I–theoretically–wish the best for you. :) This blog has made a positive contribution to the world and my particular existence, so I hope that you can continue to do meaningful things like this in your real life. Dunno if you’ll see this, and I don’t expect it to be approved by you as mod to sit in the public comments section of your About page, but I just wanted to say this bit of goodwill to you. Godspeed.


  2. Hello there! Just wanted to say that as a fellow INTJ, I very much admire how you’ve both developed your intellect, and decided to share the resulting insight with others. Honestly, those are things I aspire to, and I respect you greatly for having achieved them. All the best.



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