Arvid Walton is Now a Professional Sick Person

Life, rolling by…

I apologize for my having been so absent recently. There are hundreds of guest posts in my review box, so thank you to everyone who has contributed. Honestly, right now I’m so far behind on all of this that I’m overwhelmed just to think of going through all of the guest posts, let alone answering questions and typing new characters.

There is a strong possibility that I may have to change the way this blog is run in the future. I’m presently debating the idea of allowing a select few of my past guest writers to write and publish posts as limited-access users. I would end up being administrator/editor and making sure that other submitted posts still got reviewed etc.

Then again, I haven’t settled on anything. But if you’re a regular contributor who’d be interested, I’d definitely be open to the possibility. Let me know in the comments.

Now for an explanation/update:

Apparently, my body is trying to kill me, and minions listen. It’s hard to be a blogger when you’re trying not to die.

I’ve dropped all of my summer classes and have gone home to Liverpool to try to recover enough to hopefully return to university in the fall. For now, I’m largely homebound, so I will be working online when possible…and yes, trying to catch up on my blog queue.

However, I can’t guarantee that I will necessarily achieve that goal, or that I will be able to start writing as many posts for this blog as I used to. Most of you won’t need a reason why, but since there are always some that do, so to those people I will say this: I owe you absolutely nothing.

For those that are actually interested, I’m currently seeing a Rheumatologist and a Neurologist, but have made no progress towards any kind of diagnosis. As an INTJ, the most frustrating thing is not being able to plan anything in advance because I can’t predict how sick I’ll be hour to hour (Ni), and secondly, not being able to accomplish as many tasks in a day as I used to be able to (Te). As my fellow INTJs will know, most of us like to consider ourselves very resilient people who cannot be beaten by circumstance. But unfortunately, the nature of my illness is such that sometimes, even if I have the mental strength to carry out a task, my physical body doesn’t always share that stamina. That said, the frequency with which I over-exert myself is not something that my doctors encourage.


52 thoughts on “Arvid Walton is Now a Professional Sick Person

  1. I am very sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. I have experienced the frustration of waiting for proper diagnosis, and I certainly hope you’ll be freed of it soon.
    Your blog has been a source of great, wonderfully written content – and will surely still be so with new organisation managed. You will be missed, but if you are to over-exert yourself (which, są a life-long disabled person, I generally strongly encourage) then understandably there are many more important fields to do this on ;)
    I keep praying for you and am very sorry not being able to contribute to this great site.


  2. I am really sorry that you have to go through this right now. I would like you to know that I consider you to be a strong person. Your blog really gives me a place where I can express my thoughts on topics I am passionate about. Thank you.

    I don’t feel confident in my ability to type characters right now (perhaps I shall try to be more confident and practice often), but I would be interested in writing an essay prompt about my life and how it relates to MBTI (smash stereotypes, learning style, more).


  3. The enfp in me wants to help with the slack round here, and give ya lots of feel good drugs. But I’m still green on the MB’ing stuff, and I’m sure the other will put me in the slammer. Take cares -thoughts and prayers yer way.


  4. “As an INTJ,the most frustrating thing is not being able to plan anything in advance because I can’t predict how sick I’ll be hour to hour(Ni), and secondly, not being able to accomplish as many tasks in a day as I used to be able to(Te).”

    This coming from a (developing) INTJ who uses shadow functions, you echoed my sentiments EXACTLY. Sorry if I sound offending to anyone, but like you,A, I’m not in my best state of health too. So…I wish you a quick recovery and yup, keep up the good work. Your blog has helped me a LOT not just in understanding myself & the people around me, but it also provided me a fresh perspective on literature(thingy bout character death–fascinating). Finally someone can explain why the final fight(um…basically 2 people yelling a curse and pointing wands while amplified lasers shoot out of them?) and the ending wasn’t all *that*.

    PS: I’m in love with the fonts you use in the articles in your blog. Is that inferior Se working up…unexpected wonders?

    PPS: I saw your old blog profile picture and it was eerily similar to my reading position whenever I lay myself on bed.

    And finally, I apologise if this sounds long-winded or well,condescending(Fi-user…mmm -_-) to anyone.

    From a long-time reader, yet first time commenter.


  5. I am going to be a mature INTJ and admit that I have become rather attached to your writing and your website, both intellectually and emotionally. There are already so many excellent articles on here, but your absence will be felt because it has been your active regulation of this site and the subsequent stain on it of your principles about tolerance, honesty, and intellectual integrity which have made one of the very few voices on the internet worth listening to. Of course I completely understand why you are taking leave; I have myself been in your place very recently — it is an absolutely horrible position to be in — but you will be missed.

    I am not a regular contributor and so have no precedent upon which to request access as a user-publisher, but I do hope that others will step in and keep this excellent website going. However, if that does not happen, I would be more than willing to contribute a number of posts in some limited capacity.

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  6. Hi, I recently found your blog, and the most like is your radical honesty. I’m a INTJ, with a cronic illness without a accurate diagnosis too. You would read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and about ketosis, this is helpful for many ”idiopathic” conditions.


  7. I’m also an INTJ who suffers from extreme chronic illness (my body’s not trying to kill me) but I have days were I can barely move or speak or even write (which sucks for me since my long term goal is to be an author). People treat you like you are incapable of things which in part is true but at the same time I don’t need people to help me with everything. I’m still capable of doing my school work I just don’t have the energy required for it.


  8. Pray and bless you to get better and that the doctors will find out what’s going on, and that in the fall that you will have the strength to do what you need to do. In Jesus’ amen. Bless you Arvid and thank you


  9. Oh, I really do wish that progress is made soon in your diagnosis and that you’ll be okay. You are my favourite MBTI blogger-person-thing and though I always love reading your new content, I furthermore genuinely feel concern for your wellbeing and such. So I would rather you rest then over-exert yourself as I’m sure most of your minions will too! :)

    (Sorry, me being all Fe-ing there :P)


  10. My heart goes out to you (INFJ). I totally get the frustration of not being able to plan or achieve. I hope that you feel better soon. Blogging is for fun, do the bits you like when you want to. Like you say, you don’t owe anyone anything. 😊


  11. Praying for you, A. It’s odd, all you know about me is that I think Henry V’s an ENTJ (if you remember that), but I feel like we’re acquainted/friends because I follow your blog. I wish there was something more I could do.


    • I remember you, and sorry I never got around to looking more closely at that typing. Life happened. And I consider all of you who support me friends, even if I do know very little about you


  12. I am so sorry to read about your poor health. As someone who has never posted a comment here, I just want to say how very much I enjoy your posts. Having said that, I affirm your statement that you owe us nothing. So take care of YOU first, and save us for later, when you are better.

    I had a recent period of 3 years on the couch due to my body hating me, which absolutely killed this INFJ. It is all resolved now, and I am back to good health thanks to my ND (who I found by following my intuition about my symptoms). From the other side of that chasm, I can verify that some conditions that seem insurmountable can be overcome with the right help. Wishing you the most insightful and intelligent specialists with answers, and soon.


  13. It’s a shame that this mystery illness is having such an impact and taking such a toll on your life.

    I’d be happy to take a more involved role in publishing posts on this site. I might not be able to post more than 1-2 posts per week (we’ll just have to see), but I’m willing to do what I can for this blog.

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  14. I’m really sorry to hear about how unwell you’ve been. I’d find it really frustrating not knowing the cause, and I always feel so bad for people in that situation because it is such a barrier to being able to move forward in the way that I want. I’m really hoping that they figure it out and can resolve it, and I’m clearly hoping that you don’t die from this. I so enjoy your blog and value the work you do, so I want to thank you for that.


  15. No. You most certainly do not owe us anything.

    You’ve been a pretty darn awesome blogger, and we all appreciate what you’ve done for us in the past. And while we all WISH you could keep it up, we also understand that it’s way more important for you to rest and (if possible) recuperate.

    Don’t work on this blog any more than you actually want to. Go eat cake, or something, and chill out :-)

    I’ll be thinking of you and praying that you feel better soon.


  16. Since I don’t know your religious beliefs (if any), I don’t know what this will mean to you, but I’m praying for you. I’ll miss having you post as frequently as before but, having health issues myself, I completely understand that when your energy is limited, you have to prioritize between the necessary and the unnecessary. Hope you’re able to get some rest and some answers this summer.


  17. I’m sorry to hear that.
    I don’t know what my schedule will be like next semester, but I’d be interested in being a limited -access user.


  18. I cannot imagine how frustrated and tired you must be. I hope you get better and honestly, I can’t talk for everyone, but to me health is way more important than keeping the blog up and running so it’s more than understandable that you haven’t been around much. The fact that you’re still thinking of actively putting his blog in your schedule shows how commited you are. Do let us know how everything is going if possible. And thanks :)

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  19. Yeah, I know an INTJ who is a two-time heart transplant. She has explained in words very similar to yours how INTJs and health complications simply don’t match.



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