Arvid Walton is Now a Professional Sick Person

Life, rolling by…

I apologize for my having been so absent recently. There are hundreds of guest posts in my review box, so thank you to everyone who has contributed. Honestly, right now I’m so far behind on all of this that I’m overwhelmed just to think of going through all of the guest posts, let alone answering questions and typing new characters.

There is a strong possibility that I may have to change the way this blog is run in the future. I’m presently debating the idea of allowing a select few of my past guest writers to write and publish posts as limited-access users. I would end up being administrator/editor and making sure that other submitted posts still got reviewed etc.

Then again, I haven’t settled on anything. But if you’re a regular contributor who’d be interested, I’d definitely be open to the possibility. Let me know in the comments.

Now for an explanation/update:

Apparently, my body is trying to kill me, and minions listen. It’s hard to be a blogger when you’re trying not to die.

I’ve dropped all of my summer classes and have gone home to Liverpool to try to recover enough to hopefully return to university in the fall. For now, I’m largely homebound, so I will be working online when possible…and yes, trying to catch up on my blog queue.

However, I can’t guarantee that I will necessarily achieve that goal, or that I will be able to start writing as many posts for this blog as I used to. Most of you won’t need a reason why, but since there are always some that do, so to those people I will say this: I owe you absolutely nothing.

For those that are actually interested, I’m currently seeing a Rheumatologist and a Neurologist, but have made no progress towards any kind of diagnosis. As an INTJ, the most frustrating thing is not being able to plan anything in advance because I can’t predict how sick I’ll be hour to hour (Ni), and secondly, not being able to accomplish as many tasks in a day as I used to be able to (Te). As my fellow INTJs will know, most of us like to consider ourselves very resilient people who cannot be beaten by circumstance. But unfortunately, the nature of my illness is such that sometimes, even if I have the mental strength to carry out a task, my physical body doesn’t always share that stamina. That said, the frequency with which I over-exert myself is not something that my doctors encourage.


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. I’ve been reading your articles lately, and am very impressed by your attention to detail in handling the MBTI system. It’s nice to see someone who understands Myers-Briggs for what it is, but is nevertheless quite experienced in analyzing and applying its principles. I would love to ask you a question or two some time, but I see the “Ask an INTJ Anything” page is not currently open, and I can only assume this is the result of your present condition. I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed, but I certainly understand. Wishing you the best!

    Oh and thanks for the articles! Gave me a fantastic afternoon of reading.


  2. I don’t know if accupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine/homeopathy is available there,but you might want to give it a try. A friend of mine had problems with his sinus chambers & consulted a couple specialists,who of course gave him drugs to take later, but after 3 months of medication he finally gave up (due to the ineffectiveness of the drugs) and resorted to TCM therapy (I can’t recall the procedures of the therapy–it happened a long time ago). After a few sessions, he was finally relieved of the problem with his sinus chambers.

    Of course, it isn’t guaranteed that the method suggested above will cure you of your sickness(is it insulinoma? I don’t know your medical history,and thus if you’ll suffer from any side effects) but perhaps it’s worth trying.


      • Though this might sound trivial, do get enough rest. As an Ni-dom, I find it annoying that I have to actually temporarily take a break from whatever it is I’m concentrating on,yet I found out that I could do better with some rest. I get sick rather easily, and coupled with my workaholic-ness, doesn’t do much good to my body. So I decided to take an hour’s nap every day and I have to admit that I could focus on tasks better.
        I’ve also set my bedtime from 2 am to 12 am. I have difficulty sleeping earlier than 12 am. I just feel there are lots more things to explore(and think them over until I reach a conclusion, haha)


  3. Fellow INTJ here and I’m going through something very similar.Chronic pain sucks.It drives me insane looking for what is wrong with me,what-ifs,worries,self digonseing,etc and I’m now seeing help for all theses problems(and some more) at cbt therapy.

    I already know of a few things I have which are autoimmune and chronic pain related but I still have MORE symptoms along with new ones that need to be figured out.Unfortunately I don’t see a rheumatologist until next year so I’m stalled at the moment in figuring what else is wrong with me.

    Hope you get answers soon and feeling better.


  4. Dear Arvid Walton
    I am really sorry for reading that you are bedridden . I hope you will Healthy and Fresh very soon. You are an INTJ (the wise one) and know that every problem not only definitely has a solution but also a lot of solutions out there and wait for someone to go for.
    Best Regards


  5. Hey, hope you get better soon. Until then, please don’t stress over the queue. We readers can survive.

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  6. Arvid, I’m sorry to hear that you are not doing well. I hope things get resolved and you will soon be on the road to recovery! I have just discovered your blog and everything I’ve read is amazing and so insightful, so thank you for sharing your voice and insights with us. But as you implied in your post your first responsibility is towards yourself. I can only applaud you for recognizing this and making your wellbeing a priority! We will be here when you get better, I will for sure be binging on all the content in this site I’ve yet to uncover.


  7. I’m sorry to hear that you are ill. I hope that your recuperation period is successful and I wish you luck in school. Please take time to heal. I hope you find answers soon. I would also like to offer an ear if you want to talk. Your blog has helped me through a rough patch in my life and I would like to return the favor. Obviously, you are under no obligation to accept. I wish you the best.


  8. I am very sorry to read this. I am a medicine student and I have seen patients with the symptoms you describe and I know how frustrating it could become, specially if you don’t have any diagnosis yet. I sincerely hope that you feel better, and be able to do what you like soon.
    I love your blog, and I would love to read your profesional work in the future (even if I don’t know that It is yours), so I send you all my positive vibes and prayers.
    Take care


  9. Yes, having a rare illness can only add to the frustration. My family also seems to have many different undefined endocrine issues and also a couple of inherited rare diseases, like Alport, and jumping through the red tape and researching answers can be beyond frustrating. I’m guessing you have already done a FISH full genetic test. That can give a lot of answers, or at least start to point you in the right direction. If you need to fly out to Stanford please know you have a place to stay at one of our modest homes if needed. The beach house is extremely small, but if it is just you and your dad it should be manageable, and it is rarely used during the work week so it would give you privacy, plus if your appointments are not during rush hour it is a short distance away from Stanford. Do take care, and if there is anything you need you can add me to your minions list for anything within my abilities.


    • Thanks for the offer Etrielle, that’s beyond anything I expected from anyone, let alone someone I’ve never met in person. I’m working with some doctors in England to try and figure this out, but will let you know if the need arises.


  10. Dear Mr. Walton,

    Very sorry to hear you are sick, which I imagine as an INTJ is very frustrating, and worse, boring.
    I wish I could be of some help to the site, but I’m terrible writer. Mainly I just wanted to say that you have a web of people around the world who are worried about you and hope you start to feel better soon. Your site is up there with Sherlock, Doctor Who and Downton Abbey in it’s ability to distract me from my stresses. Whenever I was having a stressful week, or couldn’t sleep, I could rely on your posts to cheer me up with humor and insight and very much wish I could do something nice for you in return. If you feel comfortable sending me a PM with the particulars of your illness I may have some friends who may be able to give some advice and insight. There is a lot of innovative medicine being researched in and around Stanford.
    Thank you for all your insights and the hours of needed distraction. Get better soon.

    Sincerely, Etrielle


    • Thanks for your kind concern, Etrielle, and also for all the others out there who are part of that web of support.

      I was actually already aware of some of the innovative medicine that’s going on in Stanford. My Dad got sick a couple of years ago with a mystery illness and had to fly out to Stanford to be treated/let alone diagnosed. Unfortunately, his illness had very different symptoms than mine (Insulinoma) so it’s unlikely we have the same thing. I guess you could say my family is a bit of a rare-sickness magnet.


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