Bod Owens – The Graveyard Book: INFP

Guest post by Emily, INFP

Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

Bod INFP | The Graveyard Book #MBTI #INFP

Dominant Fi: Bod dislikes Miss Lupescu almost immediately and says so. He is disturbed by Jack’s business card in the shop. When he takes Scarlett to see the barrow, he doesn’t try to make her feel better by telling her they wouldn’t get hurt. He goes to school, despite it being against the rules to leave the graveyard. At school, Bod generally keeps to himself, and only gets involved when he notices that the other kids aren’t standing up to Nick and Mo. He decides to escape from the ghouls because he wants to keep his identity, and knows his original name doesn’t matter. (“I’m Nobody Owens. That’s who I am.”) He reacts strongly to the snow, especially since he had only seen it three times at that point.

Bod INFP | The Graveyard Book #MBTI #INFP

Auxiliary Ne: Bod asks questions about everything (why he can’t leave the graveyard, what the flowers are for, what the clothes Silas brought for him are for, etc.). He likes hearing Alonso Jones’ stories and has a good imagination, such as when he escapes from the shop. He intuitively knows that there is something wrong with the Jacks and says they felt like they “weren’t properly people.”

Bod Owens INFP | The Graveyard Book #MBTI #INFP

Tertiary Si: Although he isn’t concerned about following rules, Bod worries he will get in trouble for leaving the graveyard. When he gets captured by the ghouls, he doesn’t want to become a ghoul because he would lose his memories. He is also annoyed at the ghosts when they say they don’t remember dancing. He compares the Lady’s horse to pictures he had seen in the past. When Silas leaves, Bod doesn’t hug him because it would be “wrong.”

Bod Owens INFP | The Graveyard Book #MBTI #INFP

Inferior Te: When Miss Lupescu teaches Bod things he sees as useless, like how to call for help in Night-Gaunt, he is annoyed. Most of the time, he asks about the function of things rather than how they work.

8 thoughts on “Bod Owens – The Graveyard Book: INFP

      • I’ve never read anything by him–only heard him mentioned on the Internet and such. How was the “Good Omens” novel–would you recommend it?


        • Good Omens is hilarious: lot of dark humor and the characters are great. It’s about the Final Judgment and the Apocalypse coming and an angel, Aziraphale, and a demon, Crowley, are trying to stop Final Judgment because they think their lives are just fine and somewhat like humans. Also involves a witch and many more.


        • I’d definitely recommend The Graveyard Book if you’re in the mood for children’s fiction best enjoyed by older ages.



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