Contest: Asexual Q&A for 10 Guest Posts

Sorry it’s been awhile, but I’ve finally had a day that I felt well enough to sit down and write this.

The Q&A:

As soon as I have received and selected 10 winning posts, I will answer some of the questions that are being asked about asexuality and gender fluidity in the comments on this post. Or, you may add to potential questions by responding in the comments below (or if you’d like to remain anonymous you can put them in the submission box).

As a preface, you can ask me anything (within reason) about my experience of asexuality, gender fluidity or romantic/aesthetic attraction.

Contest Criteria:

Post type: Character Profile

Deadline: No, no. You’re thinking about this all wrong. There is no deadline.

Winner Criteria: Only one post may be selected as a “winner” per guest writer, however you may submit as many posts as you like. You do not have to be a first-time guest writer in order to enter the contest.

Submissions that do not follow site guidelines will not be accepted. The best way to win is to support your evidence well, write decently and to follow the afore mentioned guidelines.

One, two, five —Go!

Also, on an unrelated but very important note, happy birthday to Shakespeare!

8 thoughts on “Contest: Asexual Q&A for 10 Guest Posts

  1. Hi A! I just discovered this blog and it’s awesome! And also, I hope you feel better :)

    I’m an INFP who’s asexual and homoromantic, so a little different than you, but similar. I always thought I was gay until I got a girlfriend and things got complicated because I wasn’t sexually invested. My question is did you have similar experiences or did you think you were straight growing up?


  2. I’ve heard of asexuals talking about aesthetic and sensual attraction that is different from sexual attraction. Do you experience that too? And also, I was wondering if that had any connection to your being an INTJ and having inferior Se.


    • Really short on time here so I can’t say much here unfortunately.

      I don’t think asexuality has a connection to Quaternary Se in the sense that it’s a primary cause; more likely it has to do with the flavor of his asexuality.

      The reason I say this is because I’m an ISFP that has never felt sexual attraction to anyone or anything his entire life. It’s weird explaining to people how your body can be aroused, but you yourself aren’t sexually attracted at all. You don’t have the thought or desire of, “I want to…”, the impulse to follow through, or the interest in fantasizing if it’s a question about “league” (to account for my younger self).

      It was always strange when the boys you grew up with would talk about famous celebrities, artists, and adult actors, and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I don’t have a favorite any one of those…”

      For me it’s a (I surmise) a severe disconnection with my carnal self, where it’s wants/needs/desires don’t reach my conscious brain and thus don’t push me to seek conquest and “scoring” like everyone else. This could be Fi, but it’s hard to tell whether that value was tacit or emerged from my inability to feel the same way as others, or both.

      Would love to write more about this in the future as A (don’t know if he doesn’t want anyone saying his full name anymore still) gets around to it after the competition ends!

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      • Dear Anon, I’d love to hear more about your experience, thoughts (and theories about yourself) regarding asexuality, especially with your ISFP perceptions. Very interesting comment you made, thank you for sharing.


  3. Sweet! I’ll try to finish the last two “Rocket Boys” posts as soon as I can and submit them. And then I can look for other characters to type from the Directory.

    Of course I have to get through finals first; but that’s only a few weeks away, and then I GRADUATE and don’t have to worry about school ever again . . . until August, that is, when I go back to start my master’s degree. (Ugh.)


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