Why I don’t like Tumblr

Anon asked: Just out curiosity (and the desire to procrastinate), why exactly do you have such a negative view on Tumblr and it’s users? And just fangirls in general? I don’t mean any offence or anything i’m just,as aforementioned,  morbidly curious.

I don’t hate tumblr. In fact, I use tumblr myself. I simply try to point out that it has pros and cons particularly when it comes to information sharing. In other words, you shouldn’t always trust everything you read about MBTI there.


  • Controversial topics are constantly being discussed there
  • It’s a good place to figure out that you’re not alone in your struggles


  • Crowds can be very persuasive in circulating false information
  • Much time can be wasted looking at it

Fangirls –well, let’s see. How can I put this?

Imagine you are someone who doesn’t hum. You don’t necessarily have anything specifically against the theoretical idea of humming, but you might also find it annoying when you get stuck in a room with someone who hums incessantly and at the top of their lungs. Now just replace “humming” with the idea of having sexual/romantic attractions.

I’m asexual and mostly aromantic. I have no personal interest in sexual/romantic relationships. I don’t necessarily have anything against those types of attractions, but I do also find it annoying when I’m surrounded by people who just won’t shut up about them.

You see where I’m coming from?

22 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Tumblr

  1. Fi is romanticism and Se is sex.

    I don’t know how old you are but tertiary will kick in around late 20s. I wonder your asexuality and lack of romanticism will change then.


    • If you have queerphobic things to say, I’m going to have to request that you refrain from stating them on this blog or if you can’t accept those terms, find your information about MBTI elsewhere. I have written extensively about the development of my lower functions, and as you say, you obviously haven’t spent enough time on this blog to know that, so please don’t assume you’re educated enough about my life to comment on it.

      For the rest of my readers, please be aware that Se does not stand for sex, nor Fi for romanticism, and that not all Se users are allosexual or romantic. If your mind is already closed to this issue, again, please argue with someone on tumblr. I don’t tolerate ace-erasure on this blog.


      • How did we arrive at “queer-phobic”?

        We started on wrong foot here I guess?

        Se is lust for sensual pleasure. Fi is internal feelings. That’s why an ESFP craves sex (sensory/physical experiences) to “fee”l good, and ENFP craves mental experiences (romance, travelling etc.) to “feel” good. Without those, they start running low on fuel and start feeling empty and sad.


        • Yes, I suppose this has been a bit of a rusty start. Allow me to explain myself.

          By telling me, an asexual person, that I’ll probably change my mind about my sexual orientation and decide that I want sex at a later date, you’re implying that asexuality is not ‘real,’ and thereby engaging in something that the Ace community refers to as “asexual erasure.” This is a form of acephobia, which definitionally, is a form of queerphobia. After someone tells you they’re gay, how often have you looked at them and said, “you’ll probably be attracted to the opposite gender eventually.” That would be denying gayness, and could equally be termed “homosexual erasure.”

          Some people who engage in erasure (of any sexual orientation) aren’t aware that they’re doing it. However, there are many who will maliciously deny the existence of asexuality, bisexuality and other lesser-understood sexual orientations on the basis that we’re “not queer enough,” or that it’s impossible not to be sexually attracted to someone, other BS that in reality, is a really just another form of disenfranchisement.

          Hopefully that explains my initial interpretation of your comment.

          In terms of your understanding of Se and Fi – everything that you have said are sweeping generalisations that are based upon common stereotypes. Se is correlated to the umbrella of sensory experience. However, it will show up differently in different individuals. I, despite being asexual, happen to have a very developed Se function (the reasoning for which, is complex and would take too long to explain). I value and enjoy sensory experiences on an intense level, but not all sensory experiences (sexual attraction included) are universal experiences across a given MBTI type.

          The same goes for Fi, which is correlated to the umbrella of internal interpretation of feelings and inner interpretations of ethics. Romantic feelings do fall under this umbrella, but they are not always a necessary condition for Fi to be present. I personally, am not completely aromantic, but neither would I consider myself anything more than a grey-romantic at most. This in no way detracts from the fact that my tertiary Fi is highly developed with regards to moral principles and ability to accept/interpret feelings.

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        • @Firat Wrong foot: yes. I think you inserted that foot in your mouth more than once. Your recent tsunami of one line comments on this blog sounded trollish or misguided to be honest. The volume did not help dissipate the feeling. But, I’m just an airhead, what do I know, really? :)


        • All that non-sense about asexuality and me harassing you about your sexual orientation just commenting that it might be a transitory process sounds like the explanations offered by INFPs to defend their “unique” (sexual) identity and how they are offended by such comments.

          Sexual orientation is not set in stone and is dynamic. There’s no guarantee that someone who is straight today might become homosexual or bisexual later in life and vice versa, Someone asexual might start craving sex later in life as well.

          Or perhaps you simply lack Se function if you are asexual. Which would mean Si-types do not have a craving for sex or other sensual pleasures like alcohol, drugs, food etc. though Si-dom and Si-aux would still have strong shadow Se, suppressed by their Si, i.e. they’d be keeping their urge under control.

          Again, your asexuality might be explained if you’d consider INTP as your type, which has a very weak shadow Se. But then would that mean ENxPs do not crave sex (f***ing) either but just the mental/cerebral experience of sex (or making love)?

          Then why would not an INTP be into romanticism then? Due to weak shadow Fi ?


          • You’ve tested my tolerance for intolerance long enough. Unfortunately for you, that means you’ve also reached the end of my preconditions for politeness. I was sincerely hoping that this was all a big linguistic misunderstanding, but your last comment evidences that this was not the case.

            I’m perfectly aware that sexuality can be fluid, but despite your claim that this was your intended message, you’ve still held to your insistence that everything I explained about asexuality is “nonsense.”

            Even after I tactfully explained asexual erasure, you continued to perpetuated it. Not only this, but you have insisted, by contentious nescience, upon trolling this blog. You’ve done so in utter juvenility, insisting that every one of my typing you’ve read is incorrect while offering little concrete evidence to logically support such claims. If you want to learn how to troll more successfully, you might want to look to someone like Socrates as your idol, but you should fire whoever you’re currently learning from.

            See you later @Firat. No more comments for you (and yes, I can do that).

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  2. *Mocking you by pretending to adjust imaginary Harry Potter glasses and pointing nose in air* “I’m asexual and mostly aromantic.”
    Well you don’t you sound like *such* a male and *such* an NTJ and *so much* like my brother (ENTJ btw).

    ~Sarcastic comment from a highly amused INFJ. (I’m sure this won’t offend you… as an INTJ, I know you can only be humored by it)


    • I’m not quite certain what you’re trying to say. Something was lost in translation…but I’m sure I would have laughed had I understood you.


  3. I’m really happy to know I’m not the only one who has similar feelings about the website. I don’t really care for romantic relationships that much and it bothers me to no end when fangirls ship good friends or even worse…family members.
    I could honestly go on all day listing all the bad and unnecessary experiences I had on there. It’s not a place for those think differently. God forbid you don’t ship Jack Frost and Elsa! Clearly you’re a hater!


      • Oh that’s a very big thing. I mean I’m no longer on there, but as of last year it was. I’ve learned that fangirls will ship anyone with anything just shy outside of parents and children. It’s disturbing.


      • Then there’s that thing known as RPF or real person fiction.
        (Apologies to anyone who reads and likes RPF over here. I just find most of it to be one of the worst aspects of fandom.)


        • Erm…I’m sorry that this terrible thing exists and that you know about it. I will remain in blissful unawares by choosing not to look it up.


  4. The reasons why Tumblr would be so great for me are also the reasons why I’m not joining. It’s got the benefits you mentioned and more; you can make lengthy posts (like on a blog), or quick posts (like a Tweet), you can share pictures, audio, or video, or you can even do those meme things (“give me a number and I’ll answer…”). But I would waste SO much time there because of that. And I would feel like I have a particular obligation to my followers because things get shared so quickly and widely. Some people get annoying types of asks, and I don’t think I’d be ready to deal with them yet.

    To add to your fangirls example, what do you think about shipping discussions?


    • I think shipping discussions are fine just so long as I am not required to be involved in them. However, when I come across them, I tend to get a little annoyed with the lengths people go to argue why their ship is valid. Does that answer your question?


  5. I feel like adding a few bullets to yours based on my tumblr experience:

    – the visual content (gifs, fanart, and original art) and bubbling creativity
    – easy connection with other people who have similar interests

    – the tumblr/fandom hive mind
    – the corruption of interesting topics with fallacies and needless, emotionally negative content
    – the constant use the of word “literally”


    • YES. And have you noticed how people on tumblr (and in real life) seem to think that the word “literally” actually means “figuratively?”


      • Interesting, I had not noticed this particular usage. I’ve never used this word so I had to look it up back then (it means “exactly” or “word for word” in French). Then I kept seeing it over and over in numerous text posts.

        It sounds like a form of exaggeration, or emphasis, which somehow serves only to increase the (often emotional) fallacies, rejections, and denials stacking up within tumblr reblogs. So, if my understanding of tumblr usage is correct: I’ve literally no patience nor tolerance for this word being overused in this manner.


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