Contest Winners & Questions Answered:

The winners of my 15-post contest are:

(In no particular order)

Name MBTI Post Title Post Type
E.J. INTJ C.S. Lewis Character Typing
Zoey INFJ Kaneki Ken Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Dean Winchester Character Typing
whatisfreethen INTP Shikamaru Nara Character Typing
Shubham ENTP Orochimaru Character Typing
Fanta INTJ Earl Haraldson Character Typing
E.J. INTJ J.R.R Tolkien Character typing
E.J. INTJ Edmund Pevensie Character typing
E.J. INTJ Anakin Skywalker Character typing
E.J. INTJ Susan Pevansie Character typing
Fanta INTJ Rollo (Vikings) Character Typing
Kerissa INFJ Black Widow Character Typing
E.J INTJ Theoden Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Alaska Young Character Typing
Occam’s Chainsaw INTJ Tris Prior Character Typing
And, just a thank you to Andrew, who has written aN ASTONISHING number of WELL-EXECUTED posts for the blog (but was ineligible for the contest merely due to not being a “new” contributor).

Answers to the questions:

Relationship status:

Self-explanatory? I’m in a relationship with my typewriter. We spend all of our free time together writing science fiction and free verse poetry.

Best friend:

My “Sunflower,” also known as my little sister. She’s studying piano performance at another university.

I need to call her up and talk to her one of these days so that we don’t meet up a year down the road having become different people who no longer know each other.


Biologically? Male. But my room-mates keep telling me one of these days I’m going to regenerate, and well…you never know.

I identify as both genderfluid and androgynous (if you have a problem with this, I am not interested in knowing about it, so please do not mention it in the comments).

Sexual orientation:

I’m Asexual.

In anticipation of your next question, my romantic orientation dwells somewhere between aromantic and grey andromantic.


Wait a second.

I just bloody forgot how old I was

Apparently my subconsciously selective memory has determined that because age is an organic construct measured based off a vestigial time-cycle, it is irrelevant to my existence. I’m going to be one of those grandparents who legitimately does not know how old they are…

Hold on a second while I count the years since I was born. Oh yes! I’m 20! Am I that young? Glad there are so many written records to make sure I remembered that.

Eye color:

People tell me my eye colour is different depending on the light. Some tell me that my eyes are grey, or green (not olive green –a bright teal green), and others tell me that they’re blue.

Just the other day, a girl in one of the study groups I’ve organised (my study strategy is to find desperate idiots and reteach them what we’ve already discussed in lecture) came up to me and asked me what colour my eyes were. She then invaded my personal INTJ-space-bubble so that she could stare into my eyes for a minute.

Her conclusion was ambiguous if anything: “Your eyes are grey…and green…and blue.”

Short or tall:

5’7″ You decide whether that’s short or tall.

Who’s somebody you miss?

My sister –my crazy, spontaneous little sister, gosh darn it. Funny how now that we live within driving distance from each other, we don’t have time to visit each other more than once a month.

Who makes you laugh most often:

My INFJ room-mate and I are constantly playing word games. The most common ones are alliterative, synonym or rhyme games, but our favourite one happens something like this: go through the entire alphabet taking turns listing a 4-5 syllable word for every letter until one person gets stumped. Extra points for extra syllables. (We play this game in both English and German).

My favourite extra-point word is currently “serio-tragicomically,” an archaic, no-longer-in-use word that just so happens to apply to nearly every situation in life and is 9 syllables. His favourite is of course, anti-disestablishmentarianism.

We also enjoy seeing how long we can carry on a conversation based entirely in extended metaphor. Or…discussing the plausibility of the rather violent war scenes in our writing projects in public just to get a reaction out of non-writers.

Honestly, if I had to describe our relationship simply, I would tell you to watch The Wipers Times and just pretend that the main character and his best mate are me and my room-mate.

Favorite movie:

See this post (which, for the sake of this question, has been updated since the original post date).

What do you want to be for halloween?

Well, since halloween passed long before I got 15 contributions to the site, I will simply tell you what I did, shall I? I went everywhere in my normal clothes and people who did not know me thought that I was in costume.

Favorite color:

To quote Bruce Wayne:

As an artist, I love colour, so I had a very difficult time picking a favourite for many years. However, my go-to colour for most items that I buy tends to be either black or military greens –probably because I buy a lot of things at military surplus stores.

Biggest fear:

I have a fear of social interaction, which is not eliminated or lessened by my assertiveness, but only disguised by it.

Who was your last text from?

I don’t know. I haven’t checked my phone in a week. I should probably do that. Just a sec.

It was a conversation with my ESFP brother:


16 thoughts on “Contest Winners & Questions Answered:

  1. Sounds odd, but I find the intestines joke hilarious. The last picture is my favourite.

    Also, if you’re interested in speed-calculating ages, first, subtract the current year from 2000. Then add the difference between your birth year and 2000 to the difference between the current year and 2000. Eg, your birth year is on 1960, & the current year is 2017. 2017-2000=17, 2000-1960=40. Thus 40+17=57.


  2. Oh, you forget your age too? I did this just the other day when I was filling out my absentee ballot application form. I had a moment of disappointment where I thought I was only 17 and therefore ineligible to vote. Thankfully, my INFJ friend reminded me of my birthdate so that I could confirm that I was, indeed, over 18.


  3. Out of curiosity, since I am friends with a few gender non-binary people, what gender pronouns do you use? I know some people do they/them, but I heard that some genderfluid people do not use that.


  4. Funny you should mention the word games you play with your roommate. I’m an INFJ, and a good 1/4 of the text messages I exchange with my INTJ friend are word games! We also often message through images and gifs, trying to see which of us can respond with the cleverest one. I’ve got him beat so far with one referencing 1984. Beyond that, we seem to have an ongoing “who can be more sarcastic with the more deadpan expression?” contest that surfaces every time we speak in person.

    Ni-dom friendships are really something, huh?


    • Lately our text messages consist of satirical critiques of Jacques Derrida’s literary theories.

      We do the gif thing too…and the deadpan contest.

      Yes, I’d have to agree. Ni-dom friendships are the best


  5. You’re very welcome. It’s great to be a part of this…ongoing project, shall we call it?


  6. Some of the characters you listed as typed by the contest winners do not show up on the site. Do you know how to fix this?


  7. I snorted so loudly when you mentioned forgetting your age, because I forget mine too. The slightly-too-long awkward silence when I need to subtract years to give the answer….


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