Louis Zamperini: INFP


Louis Zamperini Unbroken ENFP

Fi: As a teenager, Zamperini isolated himself from his classmates and put up a tough front to hide the misery he felt inside. Running gave him a way to deal with his feelings and helped him to develop principles that came to define the rest of his legacy. He was always a bit rebellious and liked to define his own morality, rather than relying on standard ethics to guide him. He liked to do things his way and as a kid, had a hard time learning to accept other people’s advice. Once he started running however, he took many people’s advice to heart, making himself better every day. Louis’ training methods were designed by himself, and he usually pushed himself much harder than other Olympic athletes of the day. Part of his training involved deliberate activities to strengthen his willpower.

Louis Zamperini Unbroken ENFP

Ne: As a kid, Louis had a lot of energy, and didn’t always know what to do with it until he started running. As a teenager, he had a very pessimistic outlook on life, but as he got older, he became an incredible optimist. This optimism is one of the primary traits that allowed him to survive the war despite impossible odds. Louis was a very passionate person, and once he found something he loved (running), he pursued it with vengeance. Louis always envisioned the future and wanted to have a good reason for everything he did. He always had a purpose for everything, and that was partially what allowed him to survive the war emotionally. During his time stranded at sea, he came up with countless creative, out-of-the-box solutions to deal with the problems they faced.

Louis Zamperini Unbroken ENFP

Si: Louis dealt with PTSD following the war (not necessarily connected to Si, but certainly exacerbated by it). During his time stranded at sea, Louis tried to bring up the moral by bringing up happy memories from his past and encouraging his friends to do the same. He would think back on his college life, as well as his mother’s cooking. He encouraged the others to do the same.

Louis Zamperini Unbroken ENFP

Te: Louis sought out practical, objective solutions to his problems. When he was bullied at school for his Italian accent, he sought the obvious solution and learned how to fight. Louis liked action, and often used action to express his feelings. During his time stranded at sea, Louis was the voice of rationality in the group. He quickly came up with a list of what they needed to survive and did his best to organise their survival.

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