Stephen King books

Anon asked: How are you on Stephen King books?


Just no.

But thanks for asking.


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  1. After reading your previous comment, Arvid, I’m not sure if you like H. P. Lovecraft, but I’d rather ask to make it sure: have you read anything by him? If so, what would you say his type is according to his writing? I’m contradicted about it, although I have a guess for his functions.


  2. Okay. I get where you’re coming from with your irritation with horror. The thing that I (INTP) love – lots of details – is exactly what repels you xD


  3. Well, firstly, I’m not a great fan of vampires, werewolves or horror in general. I find most horror writing annoying because the suspense seems superficial to my Ni function.

    Then, there’s his tendency to go into unnecessary detail about random irrelevant events and concepts that have absolutely no significance to his plot or character development.

    I’m a big fan of eliminating the unnecessary in writing –not to the point of Hemmingway…which is another story entirely…but enough that the plot isn’t burried beneath ramblings. Let’s just say it was a struggle for me to get through Lord of the Rings because I kept getting bored with the details.

    Don’t get me wrong –Stephen King tells great stories, just like J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins and a large quantity of otter very popular authors who are not the best writers.

    That’s my opinion. Nobody here has to agree with it.


    • The only horror stories I truly have been able to get into are any novels written by Poe. I think that many people want to find the “next Poe” without truly understanding Poe’s writing style. I think Stephen King was a product of the search for the “next Poe.”


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