Contribute and I will Answer these:

Jordyn asked: I don’t know if this is pushing your privacy boundary, but your identity is rather ambiguous. Would you be willing to answer these (I know they’re not very INTJish questions. I’m an ISFP): Relationship status? Best friend? Gender? Sexual orientation? Age? Eye color? Short or tall? Who’s somebody you miss? Who makes you laugh most often? Favorite movie? What do you want to be for halloween? Favorite color? Biggest fear? Who was your last text from?

Why is this relevant? Also, ambiguity with regards to that information was the plan from the start.

However, I will gladly answer said questions in exchange for the reception of at least 15 new contributions to the site by any user(s) that have not previously written a guest post.

Rules: Unless you are a writer by trade, please only contribute character typings (for suggestions check here). Submissions must follow site guidelines to be accepted. It’s obvious to me if you just type something out in five minutes, and usually I can’t publish those things, so please –be useful.

AND. I will respond in gifs (where possible).

One, two, three —Go!

9 thoughts on “Contribute and I will Answer these:

  1. Does the “writer by trade” apply all the time for that type of post, or just for that contest?


    • It applies all the time, but doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a professional writer. You just need to be a fairly good one. The problem I was running into previously is that I would get submissions that were pretty much incoherent and that did not follow a clear paragraphical structure or topic.


  2. How will we readers know how many new submissions you have gotten?
    Please comment here if you are one of the new submissions. I think I may have been the first one.


    • I will interrupt the queue and post the answers as soon as there are 15 in my inbox (but yes, commenting would be a great idea –I’ll add that to the post in case nobody sees it).


    • Actually, on second thoughts, I’m going to revoke your suggestion, the reason being that in offering this QA deal, I’m not aiming for quantity. I want fifteen quality posts that people put careful thought into (and meet the standards of the site) –I will not publish any posts that do not follow the guidelines I’ve posted unless they have strikingly unique content that makes up for the rule-bending.


      • Understandable. I suppose we will have to wait and see if any other readers are willing to get answers to the questions.



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