Donna Noble: ESFP

Doctor Who

Dominant Se: Donna loves excitement and new experiences. She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and be a part of things, whether it’s attempting to adopt the language or slang of a culture she finds herself in and she loves to dress the part. Donna is aware of her physical environment and points them out to the Doctor (who isn’t always quite as aware of the same). She likes to sit back and relax from time to time –for instance, sunbathing while the Doctor goes on a new adventure. Donna is very spontaneous, and can act in the moment to save the Doctor’s life. She’s bored when she feels like she’s not doing anything interesting or new –so basically her life before the Doctor…BORING.

Auxiliary Fi: Donna knows what she thinks is right or wrong and often intervenes in the Doctor’s choices to persuade him to make more ethical decisions. She has emotional outbursts whenever a difficult moral decision is at hand and she has a hard time adjusting to the frequency of death involved in the Doctor’s lifestyle. But due to her strong sense of morality, she’s willing to argue with him in order to achieve what’s right. Donna resents the way her mother treats her and doesn’t particularly enjoy being told what to do.

Tertiary Te: Donna is able to organise sort of, enough to work as a temp, but not enough to hold down a long-term job. If the Doctor goes against Donna’s ethical code, Donna acts against him and speaks bluntly to help him see sense. Donna wants to be involved in every bit of the Doctor’s business and doesn’t like to be told to sit on the sidelines for anything. She speaks her thoughts out loud quite often, pointing out her observations (usually things the Doctor didn’t notice). She’s cleverer than she thinks, and when the Doctor’s brain gets regenerated into her head, she’s reluctant to let go of it.

Inferior Ni: Donna isn’t that great at figuring out the big mysteries, but she is able to notice patterns that the Doctor doesn’t always catch on to. In general however, she tends to leave the intuitive problem-solving to the Doctor.

Apparently some people seem to think that Donna is an ESTJ. I for one happen to have a mother who is a total ESTJ –and Donna is the last person I would ever type as an ESTJ.

She’s way too spontaneous to be a Te dom, and her emotions come out in sensitive torrents rather than blunt-anger torrents, so there’s no way she could be a T type.


5 thoughts on “Donna Noble: ESFP

      • Let’s break this BS down, shall we?

        Let’s take the functions of the ESFJ in order, and examine just how they don’t fit Donna.

        Fe – Donna doesn’t experience much guilt over trampling other people’s feelings or being ‘rude’. She cares when she or the Doctor do something she perceives as morally wrong, but these things are clearly defined by HER moral code. For instance, she gets pissed when the Hath and the humans are fighting, and is upset by the Doctor’s conflict over accepting Jenny as his daughter. She doesn’t embrace other people’s moral codes AND has a hard time noticing other people’s emotions. So an Fe DOM? No.

        Si – Pfffft. Look at how Martha (Si dom) reacts to the TARDIS and the Doctor. Then compare to how Donna reacts. Donna embraces the adventure of it (Se) after she gets over the initial shock to her (Fi) values that was the Doctor murdering the Racnoss. Donna is far better at observing her environment than an Si user could ever be, hence her always pointing out things that the Doctor has missed.

        Ne – Seriously? Do I even need to elaborate on this? Donna goes after the experience for the sake of the experience, while Ne users need some kind of ‘oh, you know what would be fun?’ to get them enjoying a place. She has inferior Ni, which means occasional ‘premonition’ type foresight. Anyway, she’s far more down-to-earth than any Ne user I know.

        Ti – Bossy, assertive Donna? I know how Ti works, and she does not have Ti. She can organize effectively enough to want to do it for a living, take charge of people and organize them semi-effectively in a crisis, and match the Doctor’s Te with her own.

        I don’t mind people asserting their own views on a character’s typing, but ESFJ? Oh, I saw red. Sorry if my Ti went full on disorganized on this, but I think I got my reasons across.


        • Actually, I think your Ti was pretty decently organised. Must be our school systems training people to standardize everything nowadays ;)


        • Thanks, Arvid. I do try. And yeah, one of my teachers was the most aggressive upper-Te user I’ve ever met. She really made me find ways to get my thoughts out in not only a logical flow (Ti) but a way that people would understand. Painful, but useful.


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