Villains in each type

“So, I see a lot of NTJs as villains, but I know that’s kind of a stereotype. What would each type look like as villains?”

Let’s start with the most stereotyped and then go from there.


These are typically the villains with a long-term, ingenious plan for total control. They have a meticulous strategy and follow it with such precision that you don’t know it’s happening. They’re able to revise when opportunities present themselves and can occasionally be defeated when they begin using their Se too much (aka being reckless). They will take over the system and rewrite it singlehandedly.

Examples: Kahn (Star Trek), Iago (Othello), Loki, The Master (Doctor Who), Megneto, Lord Voldemort, Irene Adler


This is the villain that everyone thinks is insane. They are unpredictable because they are so full of ideas and often act on impulse. They can read your motivations and will manipulate you and infuse your life with chaos that is out of your control. They are capable of setting terror to your entire city and enjoy taking away people’s security.

Examples: the Joker, Jim Moriarty, Mr. Teatime (Discworld), Charles Augustus Magnussen


This villain is completely self-motivated by his own suffering and acts purely for his own interest. They are angry will gladly force you to suffer so that you can feel the same pain that they feel. Other people are expendable so long as the vision is fulfilled. They’re able to recognize all the possibilities and typically suffer from some type of mental instability or false impression of the world.

Examples: Harry Osborn (The Amazing Spiderman)


These villains are long-term planners, that can read your emotions and will used them to cause you anguish. These are the type most likely to genuinely convince you that they’re your friend and then burn your world. They are motivated primarily by either greed, vengeance, twisted idealism or a combination of the three. They are often the moral villain, who truly believes that their cause is right…but has the wrong solution.

Examples: Ras Al Guhl, Adolf Hitler, Hanz (Frozen), Jean Grey


This villain will improvise on the go, but they are also capable of fulfilling long-term goals (frightening), and is usually clever enough to avoid getting captured. They will read your emotions, manipulate you and fake true emotion themselves. They are reckless and will use your environment to kill you brutally. Also, typically super coordinated.

Examples: Bucky Barnes, Mystique


These villains are bent on forcing you to do what they want by implementing unnecessary and extreme rules. They love to destroy your freedom of speech and would eliminate freedom of thought if possible. They typically attempt to do this by squashing new ideas with their iron fists and making rules against it. They want to know about everything and will probably have a way of spying on you to make sure that you’re following the rules.

Examples: Mother Gothell (Tangled), Saddam Hussein, Delores Umbridge


This villian is the ultimate sadist. They react in the moment and will inflict pain or kill you to punish you for what you’ve done to them, and they don’t need evidence to prove that you’re at fault (if there are multiple suspects, they will kill all of them). They like to throw grown-up tantrums and don’t care about your feelings because everything is about their own suffering (until they decide to try inflicting that pain on you).

Examples: Anakin Skywalker, Nero


This villain is motivated by the crappy baggage they carry around with them from their past. They want to make you pay for wronging them … Or they were brought up by an obsessive controlling parent that has taught them a warped moral code that they still believe in firmly. They will fool you into believing they are kind and sweet and then knife you in the back.

Examples: Jafar (Aladin), Jack Torrence (haven’t seen it, so I can’t verify, but evidently),


One thought on “Villains in each type

  1. I have to question some, mostly for my learning…

    Jafar? I can see F, but S? With the options here, He’d either be Si-Dom or Fe-Dom and I’m not seeing him using either of those.

    Reviewing past experiences? (Si) Considering and connecting others and the group? (Fe) Where are these in him at all? I honestly am having hard time deciding what his dominant function is.

    As for Hans (Frozen)…oh boy, I actually…TRULY…believe he’s not typable in his current iteration. The way he’s WRITTEN is quite terrible and because of this he’s not fleshed out very well as character, which THEN leads to waaayyyyy too many interpretations of character, motivation, decision making, etc.
    I’ve seen him typed as many as four or five different ways. I’ve seen ENFJ (the one I’ve seen the most I think), maybe INFJ, INTP, and something else I can’t recall, and that comes from him not being well written or fleshed out. The ONLY for sure thing is that he’s an N because we know WHAT he wants. Everything else is unknown/in flux because we don’t know the WHY. Not really. Does he want the throne merely to have it and exude power all over ala classic villains like Jafar, Scar etc.? Does he want it merely for what it represents or for some more sympathetic purpose? A well written and fleshed out character of ANY kind would tell us this. To be honest, I also don’t see F myself.. we do see and know he’s calculated his every move devoid of most emotion (ironic since he reads other’s as well as he does, something we certainly can see), and even his overly theatrical monologue to Anna REEKS of pure logic. And we all know what Anna tells him when she clocks him in his jaw. I think his T/F is still somewhat debatable, but when it’s obvious he’s thought this whole thing out (granted his tactics had to keep changing for obvious reasons) in terms of logic and how he’ll do it in terms of what is still in the end personal gain to him, doesn’t read Fe Dom to me. Maaaaayyybbbeee Ni as an INFJ, his Ni is visible, but If I had to give him a dominant function at gunpoint, I’d give him Ni as an INTJ or Ti an an INTP. I think he’s a case of appearing an extrovert but is a cognitive introvert, kind like Hermione appears an introvert, but is a cognitive extrovert.
    He was written to be a surprise villain, but that failed hugely and so therefore we have this unintentional duel natured villain that no one seems to know what to make of him. People either hate him as see him as nothing but scum or love him and interpret him as a somewhat sympathetic anti-hero/anti-villain. People who hate him only hate him BECAUSE he was a nonsensical surprise that made no sense. I’ll get to that.
    Interpretation will always come into play, but there’s TOO MUCH going on with him because he’s too much of a blank canvas as we see him in the film. A good surprise villain would be Lotso from TS3 or King Candy from WiRalph because while they were surprises, there were no narrative cheats used to merely fool the audience into thinking one thing about them, only to pull the rug out from under the audience later. Once they’re revealed as villains, everything clicks and still makes sense in terms of the narrative. When Hans is revealed, nothing seems to make sense because of his previous narrative that only exists to fool the audience. That is not good character development or storytelling. Now there are ways to justify all this, but that is whole other novel I could write because it involves HEAVY in depth analysis and involves my personal interpretation of him. So I’ll leave that for another day.

    Overall, I just don’t he’s typable right now. But the rumor of his making his reappearance in the sequel is the most persistent one, and actually from my actor storytelling POV makes sense. The attempt to make him a typical “classic villain’ didn’t work, and it certainly seems like his story isn’t finished. He obviously didn’t die, nor did he put up a typical “you’ll rue the day…, I’ll have my revenge..!” type of villain fight until the last minute which says to me he knows he lost and is smart enough to not keep trying or try again as revenge. There’s more to him than meets the eye if one looks past the obvious, so it seems we’ll see him again and when he’s fully fleshed out in the sequel, THEN we can type him correctly.


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