Adolf Hitler: INFJ

Adolf Hitler INFJ MBTI

Dominant Ni: Adolf Hitler was full of ambition from the time that he was young. He aspired to become an artist, much to his parents displeasure and pursued the passion against their will until he was rejected from art school. Throughout his life, Hitler was a man of vision. He knew exactly what he wanted Germany to become and pursued that course with determination. We might just say Hitler was a bit obsessive about his vision, huh? Hitler wasn’t afraid to try new things, but simply dove in once he knew what he wanted and how to get there. Hitler was a man of symbolism (I won’t elaborate there)… and usually found creative ways to motivate people to obey him. He basically lived in the future, rather than the present or past and couldn’t stop obsessing over his visions for Germany. This is a good example of what an INFJ looks like whilst caught up too much in an NiTi loop (that means he’s using mostly those functions while suppressing the other two).

Adolf Hitler INFJ MBTI

Auxiliary Fe: Hitler adhered strictly to standards of address and followed social customs very closely. He was able to read other people’s emotions like an open book, and this made him a particularly good public speaker because he was able to communicate with people on an emotional level. Hitler loved children and animals and would stop to talk to/pet them whenever he crossed them in public. Hitler had a charismatic presence that attracted the masses to the point where women of the day were “fangirling” him. Hitler was a natural giver with a nurturing quality about him when it came to his inner circle of friends. When it came to people he didn’t love however, Hitler was a complete sadist who enjoyed subjecting other people to violent ends. He didn’t completely make up his moral screw-code, but adapted it from pre-existing political belief systems.

Adolf Hitler INFJ MBTI

Tertiary Ti: Hitler was into details, and in his final days, he was designing architecture for future Germany (yeah, he was a politician). Hitler was incredibly intelligent, and spent his life learning new things. At the same time, he didn’t derive his logic externally, but acted solely on what seemed most logical in his own mind. He didn’t particularly like to be right in the action, but preferred to delegate dirty work to other people and then observe the results from a distance.

Adolf Hitler INFJ MBTI

Inferior Se: Hitler had an appreciation for the arts and even aspired at one point to become an artist himself. He had a strong desire for his dreams and aspirations to become reality (not just an idea), so he was willing to put in the necessary hard work. Hitler was fairly aware of his environment and was good at noticing little things that were off (thus avoiding countless assassination attempts).

This typing may surprise a lot of my INFJ readers, because the stereotypical INFJ is Gandhi, so just remember that just because a person has a certain personality doesn’t make them a good or bad person. That part is entirely a choice (Osama Bin Laden was also an INFJ).

And in case anyone is wondering, I don’t endorse Nazism or Hitler’s actions. I’m just typing a request.

8 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler: INFJ

  1. Yes, people forget that Extroverted Feeling doesn’t make one a lover of all of mankind. However, it must be admitted that the Holocaust was not invented by Hitler himself, but by an INTJ(!) Nazi called Reinhard Heydrich.


  2. Or he could’ve been an architect. He was told by the art school he had no future in art but perhaps architecture, because his buildings were precise while his people were awkwardly rendered


  3. It really makes you wonder what would have happened if he had been accepted in to art school…

    Very interesting.


    • Interesting thought. I’ve always wondered the same, though I suppose it may or may not have made a difference in the end. My ENFP sister cannot understand for the life of her why I read Mein Kampf but like you say, it’s because I want to understand.

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    • As for me, I think that Great Depression had an impact in this matter and thus, helped him to get into leader position. After all, he himself stated that that economical meltdown was one of the indicators that his party won the elections.


    • I’ve said the same thing. He missed his place in the world. A lot of lives would have been saved if he’d become an artist (and I’ve seen a couple of his works and surprisingly they are quite good… )


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