Edmond Dantes: ISTJ

The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas

Edmond Dantes ISTJ | The Count of Monte Cristo MBTI

Dominant Si: As a young man, Dantes is relatively ignorant about human nature and people in general, and isn’t very good at predicting their behavior or motives. It takes him years to connect the dots between his Mondego and why he is in prison. Though he doesn’t naturally understand how people work, he understands the workings of society and is able to fit into it as a mere shadow with little effort on his part. When it comes to devising quick solutions, Dantes always goes for the most sensible one. Dantes has an intense connectionto his past, and the only thing that can tear his world apart is abrupt and derailing change. That said, Mondego’s betrayal hits him incredibly hard, and the loss of everything that made him happy in his former life leads him to question everything he once knew, be it God or the love of his wife. Dantes is not an impulsive person, but prefers to make decisions over time, only after he has acquired all the details.

Edmond Dantes ISTJ | The Count of Monte Cristo MBTI

Auxiliary Te: Dantes decides what he wants and devises extremely complicated and methodical plans to achieve those ends, patiently marching through each step towards destroying the lives of the people he hates, and helping the ones he loves. Everything he does is so detail-thick, that it’s easy for readers of Hugo to get lost in Dante’s details. Dantes, though motivated purely by his emotions, is able to temporarily put feeling aside in order to pursue long-term goals (the opposite would be to lash out without a plan). He’s always on the look out for opportunities, and when opportunity arrives, he already has several different plans ready to implement. He doesn’t step aside for other people’s emotional appeals, including his former wife’s. Instead, he’s willing to coldly reject them others for the sake of justice.

Edmond Dantes ISTJ | The Count of Monte Cristo MBTI

Tertiary Fi: Dantes doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him –all of the play he puts on as the Count is purely for the purposes of his long-term goals. His primary motivation is revenge, to punish people for hurting him, and he cannot accept his wife back after it is all over. He has loads of pleasures with regards to worldly goods, but honestly doesn’t care (he sleeps on the floor instead of his bed). Rather, it is all to achieve the goals that are motivated by his personal feelings. As the story moves forward, Dantes develops an ego, to the point where he begins to think of himself in a God-like sense, above others. Dantes isn’t outwardly emotional, but expresses his feelings purely through action (revenge).

Edmond Dantes ISTJ | The Count of Monte Cristo MBTI

Inferior Ne: Dantes has a big imagination, and is cleverly resourceful in his methods for bringing about his purposes. Dantes has an ever growing list of aliases: Count of Monte Cristo, Sinbad the Sailor, the Chief Clerk of Thomson and French, Abbé Busoni, Lord Wilmore, and M. Zaccone etc. He can take on different roles, play different parts and does so within minutes. He understands the importance of distraction in carrying out his plans and uses various ploys to drive attention away from himself.

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