Eleventh Doctor: ENTP

Doctor Who

11th Doctor ENTP Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Ne: The Eleventh Doctor is all about discovering new things and isn’t concerned to put his life in danger in order to do so. He doesn’t immediately settle down for certain once he’s reached a conclusion because he has a hard time slowing his brain down to stop considering possibilities. He can pull seemingly unrelated strings of information together to discover wild interpretations that are usually accurate. He’s fairly restless, and gets excessively and agitatedly bored when there’s nothing to do or think about. He tries to focus on the big-picture but is often distracted by tangents involving theories and possibilities. He frequently doesn’t do what he said that he was going to do in the past because he’s so interested in figuring out a situation that it doesn’t matter what he’s said (don’t get involved unless there are children crying). He has the tendency to simply assume what is going to happen (not always accurately [Ne vs Ni]) and act based on those guesses. For instance, he assumes that he will have to kill the Space Whale and that he’ll have to die etc.

11th Doctor ENTP Doctor Who MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: The Doctor is quick at analyzing a situation from multiple of angles and thinking up a solution. However, whenever he can’t think what to do, he reacts emotionally, and makes mistakes. The Doctor isn’t the best at explaining himself to others, and tends to organize his thoughts on the fly. He never plans long-term, if at all, preferring to improvise according to the situation. Despite the fact that he’s a Timelord, he’s not the best at keeping time, and tends to be late for everything. He’s open to questioning everything, and unlike most Ti users, tends to want physical evidence for things. “How do you know it’s a duck point if there aren’t any ducks?” Despite this, he’s more likely to embrace wild theories than facts. He likes to focus more an analysis than tasks, and tends to delegate.

11th Doctor ENTP Doctor Who MBTI

Tertiary Fe: The Doctor makes friends extremely quickly. He has a compulsion to help people, and when he tries not to, he can’t. After Rory “dies,” he can’t help but treat Amy extra nice, despite the fact that he knows she doesn’t remember it. He can’t help getting slightly uncomfortable when his “companions” argue with each other. The Doctor is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. He needs external affirmation for both his actions and his fashion sense. He’s always commenting: “Bow-ties are cool” “Fezzes are cool” “Glasses are cool” and is marginally offended by criticism. The Doctor is animated, and tends to have outbursts of both energy and emotion that can either aid his intellect or hinder it.

11th Doctor ENTP Doctor Who MBTI

Inferior Si: The Doctor misplaces various items about the TARDIS, but seems to know instantly where other things are. He has a good memory, though compared to the other recent regenerations of the Doctor, eleven is pretty forgetful. Some of this is deliberate, as he tends to want to run away from his memories. The Doctor has a thing for culture and likes to wear it (fezzes, bow-ties etc.). He draws on his past memories of history to help him solve the dilemmas of time and space. He’s somewhat  ignorant of his surroundings at times, and doesn’t notice when he’s been pick pocketed (until Amy points it out to him). Likewise, in the shared dream episode, he stands around talking for five minutes before he even notices that all the old people have disappeared right in front of his eyes.

4 thoughts on “Eleventh Doctor: ENTP

  1. Ironically I’m an INTJ and people have told me I remind them of the eleventh doctor due to me being rather hyper.


  2. I agree that he is an ENTP. The internet is pretty divided over the F and T; but to me, the Doctor has always been a thinking type. He is certainly emotional over things and people, but most of his decisions aren’t primarily driven by emotion like a feeler’s would be.
    I would also argue that some of his raw emotions stem from his traumatic life. Nearly everyone and everything he has ever loved have either left him or died–usually as a result of hanging around him.



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